Work: When Teaching is a Gift

Today’s prompt is: WORK   I received a gift at work today. My award-winning day did not start when I forgot to grab my school keys off my dresser as I headed out on my 45 minute drive to teach 7th and 8th graders. It wasn’t the  middle-schoolers’ insatiable desire… Read more“Work: When Teaching is a Gift”

Learning From My Students

She brought her tray outside and sat next to me at supper and my heart melted. I don’t consider myself a brilliant conversationalist. In fact, ‘introverted’ describes me to a T. But I’m learning. Talking to girls has always been more difficult for me than talking to boys—maybe because when… Read more“Learning From My Students”

Small {fmf}

      I ran along the dirt road behind the boarding school where I work, grumping to myself at each step. I had forgotten how many challenges the first week of school brings to a teacher: new students, teaching procedures and figuring out the schedule and what do with… Read more“Small {fmf}”