Voices in the Desert: A Child of Promise

      I got what I paid for. After all, it was Thanksgiving week in San Francisco. Despite the usurious rate of $89.99 a night (and that was 12 years ago), the postage-stamp sized hotel room had stained carpet, peeling wallpaper and towels as thick as toilet paper. They… Read more“Voices in the Desert: A Child of Promise”


Remission. The word conjured up hope, impatience and longing. I hoped that the remission would stick (unlike last time). I wanted the procedure to start yesterday, thank you very much. And I longed to have Pedro home again where he could recover surrounded by everyone who loved him. The doctors… Read more“Long”

What You See isn’t Always What You Get

Bent over, so I could see better, my chubby fingers pried the sand dollar from the sucking sand at the ocean’s edge. Suddenly, a wave hit me from behind, pushing my head under water and terrorizing my four-year-old-mind with visions of death. I felt strong arms around me as my… Read more“What You See isn’t Always What You Get”