When You’re Ninety-Eight, I’ll be Ninety-Nine

Continued from last week… March Louis and I swing into my parents’ driveway in Holbrook, Arizona, a few days after the last phone call, the one where Sarah sounded more like Sarah, the one where I realized maybe just maybe I could have my sister back. The car’s clock glows… Read more“When You’re Ninety-Eight, I’ll be Ninety-Nine”

What Do You Do When Your Mooring Comes Unmoored?

…continued from yesterday. Dear Reader, At the start of this journey I explained that no story takes place in a vacuum. The tendrils and tentacles reach out and touch other lives in myriad ways.  Today, you will read another side of the story.  Sarah and I have done all the sharing… Read more“What Do You Do When Your Mooring Comes Unmoored?”