Don’t Be Afraid! Just Believe!

Even in the mid-90s, no one was still listening to records anymore, but for me, there is still some Christmas music that must be heard against the crackling of needle on vinyl. Classical guitar, organ and chimes, brass quintets—all instrumental arrangements of ancient carols whose lyrics, inscribed in memory like… Read more“Don’t Be Afraid! Just Believe!”

Semantics Matter! Do Your Part to Stop the Stigma!

Continued… On Thanksgiving morning Sarah and I woke and prepared for our quest—to run a 10K on Thanksgiving Day. Four years earlier, back before her bipolar disorder diagnosis, she, Laura and I had run in Huffing for Stuffing, a 5 and 10K event in Bozeman, MT that benefited the local… Read more“Semantics Matter! Do Your Part to Stop the Stigma!”

I Know it’s Tough Love, but Why Does it Feel Like Abandonment?

…continued from yesterday. The part of me that craved knowing the details of Sarah’s ‘plan’ for what she would do when she reached New York City kept me probing and prying more than I should have. The idea of Sarah on the loose in New York City in her current… Read more“I Know it’s Tough Love, but Why Does it Feel Like Abandonment?”

From the Pit to the Pinnacle is a Good Thing, Right?

…continued from yesterday. The new year brought a dramatic change in Sarah. Her meteoric rise from the pit to the pinnacle took everyone by surprise. Coworkers even noticed how different she acted, and asked me if this was the ‘real’ Sarah. I nodded happily—our daughter had returned. She even agreed… Read more“From the Pit to the Pinnacle is a Good Thing, Right?”

Fight Cancer and Stand with God

I have to admit, that worships at our house are fun and rousing times.  Randy and I are ready to relax and the songs we choose tend to be mellow and comforting, songs like “I will lift my eyes, to the hills and their Creator,” “Father God,” and more like… Read more“Fight Cancer and Stand with God”

What Happens When Students Feel Safe

She stepped up to the microphone during the Monday night worship service and started to speak. “I didn’t know my dad until a few years ago when a man walked up to me and said, ‘So, I’m your father.’” During her first formative years, her grandfather held the family together… Read more“What Happens When Students Feel Safe”

The Shocking Truth About My Neck and Calves

Dealing with Distortions I have a huge, thick, gargantuan neck. When I wear something with a rounded collar, my face doubles in width and takes on a moon-like glow. Ever since I noticed this amazing propensity of necklines to change the proportions of my face, I’ve avoided athletic t-shirts and… Read more“The Shocking Truth About My Neck and Calves”

How to Care for a Woman After Surgery

Ten Post-Op Caregiver Tips for Men Women tend to stay home with sick kids and ailing husbands, so what’s a man to do when his wife or girlfriend suddenly needs care after a surgical procedure? When a person is sick, it’s not easy to articulate what one needs or wants—and… Read more“How to Care for a Woman After Surgery”

Five Lessons from the Slickrock Trail

The weekend before Pedro’s series of unfortunate events that resulted in a trip to the trauma room and a two-hour surgery to repair his shattered clavicle, we had an epic Memorial Day weekend in Moab, UT. It all started when one of our students—I’ll call him Rodrigo—ran away from school… Read more“Five Lessons from the Slickrock Trail”

Why is the Theory of Headship Like ISIS?

Is there a difference between ISIS selling young girls and Christian men claiming ‘headship’ to demand sex from their wives? I’ve ruminated (pun intended) a lot on the crazy post I read yesterday written by a man who alleges to be a God follower—yet he compares women to cows and… Read more“Why is the Theory of Headship Like ISIS?”