Just Jump! Inspire Me Monday

“Go ahead.  You can do it!” “Don’t over-think it, just jump!” “If you don’t leap, you’ll always wish you had.” We both peered over the edge into the turquoise waters below.  Way below.  Way, way below. My daughter looked at me again.  “Are you sure?  That’s scary!” “Just jump.   Don’t… Read more“Just Jump! Inspire Me Monday”

At Last, a Breakthrough in Manic Behavior

…continued from yesterday “What do you think you’d like to do when you get out?” I asked Sarah on March 18. “I dunno. Go back to Walla Walla, I guess.” “Wonderful!” I said, happy that she had voiced an opinion and it didn’t include anything outrageously illogical. “Would you like… Read more“At Last, a Breakthrough in Manic Behavior”

Mania: It’s Not Just What Happens on Black Friday

…continued from yesterday. St. Helena Hospital Behavioral Health Center Admission Inventory Valuable Name: Clothing: at bedside Bra Panties Shirt Shoes Sweater Clothing, other Slippers Socks Suitcase with other misc. clothing items. Backpack. Monetary: in safe Gift Cards—1 Target, 2 Barns & Noble, 1 Home Depot, 1 Driver’s License Money—16 cents… Read more“Mania: It’s Not Just What Happens on Black Friday”

Crisp-as-Bacon Rage

…continued from yesterday. Sarah’s long night in the emergency room almost ended in disaster. Only through an act of God did she finally end up where she needed to be. Let me explain. After arriving at the hospital, Sarah continued to act erratic. She went from chatty compliance to crisp-as-bacon… Read more“Crisp-as-Bacon Rage”

Has My Daughter Lost Her Mind?

…continued from yesterday. Pedro’s brother had to use a little subterfuge to get Sarah to see the counselor the next day. First, he offered to get her more contacts from Costco. After they purchased the contacts, he somehow talked her into seeing a therapist. I don’t know how the appointment… Read more“Has My Daughter Lost Her Mind?”

Standing in the Need of Intercessory Prayer

…continued from yesterday. I don’t remember much of what happened next, but I vaguely recall being on the white ground and people walking by and asking if I was okay. Someone said they were going to call an ambulance and I remember a split second of being in an ambulance…. Read more“Standing in the Need of Intercessory Prayer”

When Your Daughter Chooses to Live in an Airport

…continued from yesterday. Pedro’s parents called in the middle of the night and told him that Sarah had carried out her plan and ditched them in the airport in New York City. I prayed myself back to sleep. We woke up glum the next morning—unsure of our emotions. How does… Read more“When Your Daughter Chooses to Live in an Airport”

I Know it’s Tough Love, but Why Does it Feel Like Abandonment?

…continued from yesterday. The part of me that craved knowing the details of Sarah’s ‘plan’ for what she would do when she reached New York City kept me probing and prying more than I should have. The idea of Sarah on the loose in New York City in her current… Read more“I Know it’s Tough Love, but Why Does it Feel Like Abandonment?”

How to Act When Your Adolescent Acts Unreasonable

…continued from yesterday. When I shared Sarah’s news about purchasing a one-way ticket to London with Pedro, he didn’t take it very well. “Cut off her phone and let her go!” “I think there’s more to this than we can see,” I said. “I don’t think just letting her go… Read more“How to Act When Your Adolescent Acts Unreasonable”

Is it Adolescent Rebellion or Something More Serious?

…contined from yesterday. A day later Sarah texted with yet another idea. This time, she wanted to go to nursing school in Germany. To my knowledge, she had absolutely no experience speaking German. It felt as if any suggestion anyone made to her (other than Pedro and I) suddenly became… Read more“Is it Adolescent Rebellion or Something More Serious?”