You Won’t Regret Going Deeper: Even if it isn’t Easy

This week for Five Minute Friday our fearless leader Kate Motaung let us choose our own one-word prompt. It seemed fitting that my prompt be my word for 2015—deeper. The last two weeks have stretched me and pummeled me in ways that surprised me—and it has nothing to do with… Read more“You Won’t Regret Going Deeper: Even if it isn’t Easy”

Write 31 Days Challenge Roll Call

 I can’t believe October starts this week–it seems as if I just declared my word of the year last month and now October and the Write 31 Days challenge starts in three days!  How about you?  Do you plan on accepting the challenge to write and post each day in… Read more“Write 31 Days Challenge Roll Call”

What Happens When Students Feel Safe

She stepped up to the microphone during the Monday night worship service and started to speak. “I didn’t know my dad until a few years ago when a man walked up to me and said, ‘So, I’m your father.’” During her first formative years, her grandfather held the family together… Read more“What Happens When Students Feel Safe”

Five Lessons from the Slickrock Trail

The weekend before Pedro’s series of unfortunate events that resulted in a trip to the trauma room and a two-hour surgery to repair his shattered clavicle, we had an epic Memorial Day weekend in Moab, UT. It all started when one of our students—I’ll call him Rodrigo—ran away from school… Read more“Five Lessons from the Slickrock Trail”

Taking Risks and Discovering Rewards in the Grand Canyon

I hiked deeper into the canyon and found gold. “We’re gonna die, Mrs. Ojeda!” one of my students exclaimed as he pointed at the sign warning hikers to NOT attempt to hike from the south rim of the Grand Canyon down to the Colorado River and back in one day…. Read more“Taking Risks and Discovering Rewards in the Grand Canyon”

When God Gives You a Word for the Year: Deeper

I’ve gone deeper than I ever desired. When God gives you a word for the year, and you decide to accept it, you never know what will happen and how you’ll stretch and grow. I could almost write a version of When You Give a Moose a Muffin based on… Read more“When God Gives You a Word for the Year: Deeper”

Sex Sells (but We Don’t Have to Buy)

Out of the Mouth of Babes “Mrs. Ojeda, Lenny called my momma a hoe!” The little one tugged at my sleeve, her voice indignant and outraged. “Whatcha you gonna do about it?” I responded with the first thing that came to mind. “Why did he say that, Susie? Did you… Read more“Sex Sells (but We Don’t Have to Buy)”

Follow God–Not Fellow Christians

“You can only go on the hike if you promise to obey me the first time, Ella,” I told her. “It’s not safe to take you if you don’t listen to me.” She nodded her head solemnly and smiled her sweet smile. Minutes earlier, she had disobeyed me when I… Read more“Follow God–Not Fellow Christians”

Blinded by Cucumbers: A Lesson in Communion

I really didn’t want to go to spa night at our church. I’m not into girly night out stuff—I’d rather curl up in a comfy chair and read a good book or spend some quality time with my husband (not necessarily in that order). The Women’s Ministries leader had passed… Read more“Blinded by Cucumbers: A Lesson in Communion”

Magnifying Your Mistakes

Dear Friend; I know how easy those phrases of condemnation can slip into the closet of your mind and pop out to torment you in the dark of night. “If only I had,” and “I should have,” and “Why didn’t I?” rattle around and poke you awake in the middle… Read more“Magnifying Your Mistakes”