Reasons to Remember the Journey

  End-of-the-Journey Blues At the end of our very long road trip this summer, in which Pedro flew home and I drove from Alaska to Arizona by myself, I confess that it took us a day or two to readjust to each other. After all, we’d been separated for ten… Read more“Reasons to Remember the Journey”

Six Steps to Protect Your Mental Health

by Jon Beaty How to Protect Your Mental Health If you haven’t taken steps to protect your mental health, your risk of developing mental illness is higher than it needs to be. We all know people who suffer from mental disorders. You may have already suffered, or still suffer from… Read more“Six Steps to Protect Your Mental Health”

Five Ways to Make Church a Haven for the Hurting

Today’s guest post comes from Amanda Goodman, a brave woman who shares her struggle with mental illness because she wants Christians to understand that they can make church a haven for the hurting. You can find other posts in this series here. On January 26, 2011, our daughter, Brianna Ruby Goodman,… Read more“Five Ways to Make Church a Haven for the Hurting”

What I Wish Christians Knew About Prayer and Mental Health

Are Mental Health Issues Demon Possession or Something Else? Today’s guest post comes from Jim Miles. My sister spent her twenties declaring that she would never, ever have children. By the time she reached thirty-three, however, things had drastically changed. Her insecurities over her ability to be a good parent… Read more“What I Wish Christians Knew About Prayer and Mental Health”

Suspect Someone Has a Mental Health Issue? Read This

People Never Expect to Have a Mental Health Problem I didn’t expect to hear that my twenty-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in a text message from my sister-in-law—who heard it from someone who came along with the person who came to the emergency department to evaluate Sarah before… Read more“Suspect Someone Has a Mental Health Issue? Read This”

Write 31 Days Challenge Roll Call

 I can’t believe October starts this week–it seems as if I just declared my word of the year last month and now October and the Write 31 Days challenge starts in three days!  How about you?  Do you plan on accepting the challenge to write and post each day in… Read more“Write 31 Days Challenge Roll Call”

Feeling Dismal? You Are Not Alone

Dear Friend, I know the day seems dismal and dreary despite the summer sun shining brightly outside your window. I know that each breath requires a herculean effort and retreat into a dark hole seems like the only option. I know how difficult you find it to text, to call,… Read more“Feeling Dismal? You Are Not Alone”

Don’t Be Like Me. Get Help!

I’ve been there, friend. I’ve lived with the “why-do-I-even-have-to-get-out-of-bed-today” mornings that pressed me into the mattress and made the down comforter feel like a lead blanket. Sleep seemed like the perfect alternative to facing a day filled with rejection and crushed hopes and the quotidian routine of eat, sleep, work,… Read more“Don’t Be Like Me. Get Help!”