Soft wrinkled fingers gently stoked the hair back from my aching head, like they did every time my head hurt that badly. “Oh, I love you.” My grandma spoke in a quiet I’m-sorry-you-don’t-feel-well-voice. “Why?” I asked. “Just because.” That answer didn’t satisfy. I thought there should be more to the… Read more“Because”

Stuff That Doesn’t Matter

I spent a week sorting through the remains of what my mom already sorted through: 52 years of life in one house, 59 years of marriage. We had an estate sale, my brothers and I, not because of death, but because my parents moved into a brand new, one level,… Read more“Stuff That Doesn’t Matter”

Jesus Wasn’t Pretty (but Neither is Glue)

Glue isn’t pretty. Its white, clear or sickly beige and it sits in a bottle until someone needs it. But oh, when someone uses it, when its time has come—it spreads out and binds together all that has broken. It holds together paper and wood and metals and glass and… Read more“Jesus Wasn’t Pretty (but Neither is Glue)”

What Lies Beneath

She drives me crazy. Most days, she enters my classroom vibrating—a steady stream of energy crackling out in the form of zingers and shallow repartee with her classmates. I gently chide her; remind her that her words break our classroom rules. “Which one?” she asks. Her bewilderment looks genuine. “Respecting… Read more“What Lies Beneath”

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Well, okay, maybe my children aren’t perfect. Maybe they fight and argue, and maybe when Karina confessed to pinching Andrew when asked why he had those bruises, I believed her! Poor thing, we didn’t know the bruises were actually from cancer. Both girls were there when Andrew cried bloody tears,… Read more“What’s Love Got to Do With It?”