God Isn’t Late

Each week a flash-mob of writers gather and exercise their writing muscles by writing for five minutes of a prompt that Lisa-Jo Baker chooses. We write for five minutes and then hit ‘publish’ without overthinking or editing. Join us! This week’s Five-Minute Friday prompt? Begin Tomorrow a new school year… Read more“God Isn’t Late”

Bloom Where He Plants

I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and the wonderful bloggers who meet each week on Thursday nights (late) and write for five minutes on a prompt that Lisa-Jo gives us. No editing. No turning back. Just write and publish. This week’s prompt? Bloom Two different conversations, with two different friends…. Read more“Bloom Where He Plants”

Bloom, and Bloom Again (Without Fear)

Know that every flower has a season and purpose—and they don’t all smell the same. You, too have a season and a purpose, and just like a seed dropped into the soil, it may take some time before you bloom. And that’s ok. Blooms don’t start in the sunlight. They… Read more“Bloom, and Bloom Again (Without Fear)”

What if Church Were More Like a Blazers Game?

If church were a sporting event, would more people want to belong? I went to a Portland Trailblazers basketball game back in the day, and although I arrived as an observer, I left a fan (of the Trailblazers—not sports in general). The Rose Garden in Portland, OR quickly filled to… Read more“What if Church Were More Like a Blazers Game?”

I Don’t Belong Here

I’m linking up with the Five-Minute Friday crowd at Crystal Stine’s place this week.  Our prompt?  Belong. “No! This can’t be happening! Not me. I don’t belong here!” How many times have I said that to myself? At the age of 10, standing helplessly, crying and holding my hands and… Read more“I Don’t Belong Here”

Exhale and Consider the Joy

You want me to call THIS pure joy? I exhale—breathe deeply and try to explain to the sympathetic voice on the line what has led me to make this phone call. I’m thousands of miles away from home and everything seems off kilter. Another trial stares me in the face and… Read more“Exhale and Consider the Joy”

Feeling Lost?

I feel it again. That surge of anger that stems from confusion, from just. not. knowing. I feel lost.   It rises and lowers like the tide in an estuary. I never know if I’ll sink up to my shins in goopy sand, or if the surface will hold my… Read more“Feeling Lost?”

The Messenger (Dr. Doom) Takes a Seat

Dr. Doom Takes a Seat Dr. Doom* came into the room and sat on Pedro’s hospital bed. He sighed and held his hands together. He leaned over and fiddled with the IV lines and shook his head. Pedro didn’t look good. “He doesn’t have any white blood cells,” Dr. Doom… Read more“The Messenger (Dr. Doom) Takes a Seat”

The Waif on the Sidewalk

I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and the Five-Minute Friday crowd. This week’s prompt? Hands. I laughed and knelt down on the garage floor to peer beneath the car. “Can you see him?” I asked my daughter Sarah. “He’s right behind the front wheel of the car.” “Rats!” We had… Read more“The Waif on the Sidewalk”

Who Knew What These Hands Could Do?

I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker and friends for another Five-Minute Friday exercise in writing and bravery. This week’s prompt? Hands. Who could’ve ever guessed what my hands would be called upon to do? Who could have ever imagined what they could be capable of doing? My greatest fear, as a parent,… Read more“Who Knew What These Hands Could Do?”