“It Is What It Is”…but God IS Bigger

“… I mean, it is what it is,” the flippant remark accompanied the doctor’s flick of the light switch, “there’s nothing we can do – you won’t regain the sight in that eye. Good thing it’s your weak eye.” His quick exit did nothing to relieve my rigid shoulders. My… Read more““It Is What It Is”…but God IS Bigger”

In Dark Moments of Caregiving-Sing Hallelujah

The anesthesiologist let us know, in subtle ways, that he didn’t really appreciate having this emergency procedure to squeeze in amongst all the other operations scheduled for the day.  A little impatient, a little harried, and just a little unsettled that we parents were still standing by four-year-old Andrew’s gurney. … Read more“In Dark Moments of Caregiving-Sing Hallelujah”

How YOU Can be a Secret Millionaire

I was laid up for a while, under doctor’s orders to not do anything physical. My iPad and I threw a party. I watched Netflix movies and read books on my Kindle app. Then one day I found the ABC app and a show called The Secret Millionaire  My life… Read more“How YOU Can be a Secret Millionaire”