Quick (and the Inspire Me Mondays Link Up)

Welcome to Inspire Me Mondays! Here’s my contribution–I’m on Day 13 of the #write31days challenge issued by The Nester. “But Jesus was quick to comfort them. “Courage, it’s me. Don’t be afraid.” (Matthew 14:27 NIV) Tubes sprouted from Pedro like a crazy hamster maze. A team of nurses moved quietly… Read more“Quick (and the Inspire Me Mondays Link Up)”

God Chooses YOU!

Dear Friend; God chooses YOU! Yes, you. He chooses you from all of the other lumps of clay and chooses to turn you into a beautiful vessel—a work of art and purpose. This summer I spent hours filming an award-winning master potter turn a lump of Lizella clay into a… Read more“God Chooses YOU!”

Chain of Command: The Rest of the Story

A Life of Death Decision After an agonizing night, an interminable trip, and an expensive taxi ride, I had arrived in Pedro’s hospital room by three o’clock, just as I’d promised. He didn’t have a private room, but fortunately no one occupied the other bed. After all, we had some… Read more“Chain of Command: The Rest of the Story”

Warning Signs and Pride-Lessons From the Grand Canyon

Pain laces my first few steps each time I get up to walk anywhere, and the pain has increased twofold since yesterday. But I learned some things on Sunday that I wouldn’t trade for all of my sore muscles and the two blisters on my feet It all started on… Read more“Warning Signs and Pride-Lessons From the Grand Canyon”

Never Try to Kill a Rat with a Mongoose

A balmy December breeze wafted the scent of plumeria flowers all around us, and the Big Island surf crashed in the distance. Paradise. Our first long vacation without our children in twenty-five years of marriage and we had made it to Hawai’i to celebrate. As soon as it warmed up… Read more“Never Try to Kill a Rat with a Mongoose”

Why We Should All Want to be Indentured Servants

“What would you like me to do next, Mum,” Laura asked as she curtsied and then put the broom away. I looked at her and stifled a giggle. She wore her blue prairie dress and pink apron that I’d made her earlier that year so that she could dress up… Read more“Why We Should All Want to be Indentured Servants”

Show Up!

I just finished giving the Baccalaureate address for my daughter’s graduation. Why am I writing that on a caregiver blog? Because person after person thanked me for being real—for sharing my story, for offering hope and a simple truth. I shared pieces of my life, and pieces of my son’s… Read more“Show Up!”

Remember the Journey Part II: The Rest of the Story

Part II –Let God’s Timing be Perfect for You! It’s true confessions time. Every journey has its tough moments. In Remember the Journey, Part I, you read of my hesitation to take pictures; my anxiety that my boy was not going to make it, and my irrational fear that I… Read more“Remember the Journey Part II: The Rest of the Story”

Fatherly Filter

  Me without You is like coffee brewed without a filter, bitter, dark and full of nasty surprises Their words, fall on me unfiltered; like coffee, burning hot, black bitter and full of nasty surprises. Filter their words. Let me hear the good intentions lost in the brewing process of… Read more“Fatherly Filter”

Screaming (Five Tips for NOT Screaming When You Really Feel Like it!)

“Get out of my way!” I screamed at the driver who cut me off. “Where could you possibly have to go that’s more important than me taking my son to the ER?” “I don’t have time for this!” I screamed in my classroom at the mountain of papers the substitute… Read more“Screaming (Five Tips for NOT Screaming When You Really Feel Like it!)”