Freedom Might Require a Step (with Him)

The chanting crescendoed behind me as I drew in a deep breath and answered the question, “Señora, ¿Siga?” (Ma’am, are you going next?) I nodded and stepped forward while the chanting rose and fell.  “Libertad, libertad, libertad!” screamed the worshippers we had passed way back on the mountaintop ridge trail. … Read more“Freedom Might Require a Step (with Him)”

Glaciers, Goals and Goats in Banff National Park

Glaciers, Mountain Goats and Goals As part of my fiftieth celebration, I created a list of fifty fun firsts for my fiftieth year.  This summer, Pedro and I headed to Alaska to visit Sarah. Along the way, we plan on experiencing as many things from the list as possible. Under… Read more“Glaciers, Goals and Goats in Banff National Park”

What Would You Try if You Knew You Had Already Won?

What Would You Try if You Knew You Had Already Won? “What time are you hoping to run it in?” the well-dressed, silver-haired runner in front of me asked as we waited in the chill morning air near the front of our color group. “I just want to make it… Read more“What Would You Try if You Knew You Had Already Won?”

Just Jump! Inspire Me Monday

“Go ahead.  You can do it!” “Don’t over-think it, just jump!” “If you don’t leap, you’ll always wish you had.” We both peered over the edge into the turquoise waters below.  Way below.  Way, way below. My daughter looked at me again.  “Are you sure?  That’s scary!” “Just jump.   Don’t… Read more“Just Jump! Inspire Me Monday”

Light the Next Step (and trust the Guide for the journey)

Single file, we trudged through the darkness. Silence surrounded us, punctuated only by the strained breath of those not used to trekking up a mountain in darkness.  We’d never been on this trail before, and other trails branching off in different directions reminded us to stay closely behind the guide. … Read more“Light the Next Step (and trust the Guide for the journey)”

Train Up a Child (it strengthens the fight)

Battling your child’s cancer is not for the weak-at-heart.  The weird thing is that as a parent, you find yourself stronger-at-heart than you ever believed possible.  Probably because there’s really no other option.  What’s a parent going to do?  NOT be there for their child? That’s not an option.  So… Read more“Train Up a Child (it strengthens the fight)”

Fight Cancer and Stand with God

I have to admit, that worships at our house are fun and rousing times.  Randy and I are ready to relax and the songs we choose tend to be mellow and comforting, songs like “I will lift my eyes, to the hills and their Creator,” “Father God,” and more like… Read more“Fight Cancer and Stand with God”

In Dark Moments of Caregiving-Sing Hallelujah

The anesthesiologist let us know, in subtle ways, that he didn’t really appreciate having this emergency procedure to squeeze in amongst all the other operations scheduled for the day.  A little impatient, a little harried, and just a little unsettled that we parents were still standing by four-year-old Andrew’s gurney. … Read more“In Dark Moments of Caregiving-Sing Hallelujah”

When You Don’t Feel Inspired

I confess.  It’s been a rough month. Between surgery, kidney failure, traveling, spending 12 days working at a booth in a crowded convention hall and using all of my supply of extrovertedness (probably for the entire year), I don’t feel very inspired this Monday. I’ve scarcely looked at my blog… Read more“When You Don’t Feel Inspired”

Three Simple Steps to Unlock the Secret to Happiness

    Dear Friend, You are brave. Crawling out of bed on a cold, dark morning when you’d rather cocoon yourself in the comfort of your covers takes bravery. Whether dark depression or mild dissatisfaction whispers in your ears that the solution lies under the guise of more sleep—you’ve ignored… Read more“Three Simple Steps to Unlock the Secret to Happiness”