An Open Letter to the New Cancer Caregiver Mom

Way back in that far away place stood a stunned mother, desperately trying to understand, to cope and to still look to the future when the world had narrowed to a small hospital room with a narrow bed and an even smaller boy. I found out this week that even… Read more“An Open Letter to the New Cancer Caregiver Mom”

Wait for Spring

The rain pounds down on the red, gritty earth and forms tiny rivers that push outward and seek outlet in some dry crevice. The weight of the sky hangs heavy and cold and shrouds the barren branches. The temperature drops and the rain turns to snow. A junco shivers and… Read more“Wait for Spring”

The World Needs YOU!

The world needs you! Yes, you. Don’t give up. Don’t check out. The world needs you. Despair starts with a lie that seems like a feather but feels like lead. Maybe the deceiver whispers in your ear that the things that others have done to you make you worthless, without… Read more“The World Needs YOU!”