Work: When Teaching is a Gift

Today’s prompt is: WORK   I received a gift at work today. My award-winning day did not start when I forgot to grab my school keys off my dresser as I headed out on my 45 minute drive to teach 7th and 8th graders. It wasn’t the  middle-schoolers’ insatiable desire… Read more“Work: When Teaching is a Gift”

More Some: Desiring more of our Father’s gifts

Join us as we write about the prompt: More. You’ll find some amazing stories over on Kate Motaung’s page for Five-Minute-Friday, where she gives a prompt and we write and post. Chubby, pink-stained fingers clutched the bowl out in front of her, “More some!” begged my little two-year-old as she followed her… Read more“More Some: Desiring more of our Father’s gifts”

Safe in the Tub – the love in the midst of the impossible

This post is written with the gang over at Five-Minute-Friday where we write on a prompt, for five minutes, and then post.  Don’t think, just do it!  This week’s prompt:  SAFE It’s been sitting for nine years, safe in the bin I threw it in when I tried to return… Read more“Safe in the Tub – the love in the midst of the impossible”

Create Your Future

FMF – Create Today’s word is Create:  This is another chance to write with the crowd at Five-Minute-Fridays over at Kate Motaung’s blog.  We write for five minutes and post.  We give each other feedback and just encourage that writing process!  Join…it’s fun! For me it’s a summer of packing,… Read more“Create Your Future”

FMF: Untie or Unite? What’s it going to be?

Join the Five-Minute-Friday group as Kate Motaung gives us a prompt and we write for 5 minutes and post.  But the best part about it is that you get to read other’s posting on the same subject…or are they?  Check it out! Today’s word is:  Unite. Change the place of… Read more“FMF: Untie or Unite? What’s it going to be?”

God is Bigger than my Limits!

I’m joining Kate Motaung with Five-Minute-Friday posts where bloggers write for five minutes and publish!  Join us! At the end of my limit. Hit the wall. Give up. Feel overwhelmed. Drop dead tired. Too much to do. No one understands. It doesn’t matter. Am I the only one that has… Read more“God is Bigger than my Limits!”

Focus on Him to Regain Your Life!

FMF:  Focus How ironic that today’s Five-Minute-Friday prompt is FOCUS. Because it’s after 3:00 on Friday and usually I write these prompts on Thursday night.  Because today has been a day of intense effort to get things done and failing.  Because I just got a text, sent by my principal,… Read more“Focus on Him to Regain Your Life!”

Watching the Clock

Time.  That’s the prompt from Kate Motaung at Five Minute Friday where we write for five minutes and post, without editing or over-thinking.  Ha!  Me?  I’m the queen of overthinking.  Watch this! Time.  I roll over yet again and glare at the clock.  It’s only a couple of minutes past… Read more“Watching the Clock”

The BOOK I read in 2015

In the Five-Minute-Friday prompt for the end of 2015 is encouragement to share about the books we’ve read in 2015.  I have read countless books: some I’m proud of and some were garbage that I didn’t even finish.  Some were comedic and some made me cry. Reading is easy for me.  I… Read more“The BOOK I read in 2015”

Reflect on the World, but Focus on Jesus

Today’s Five-Minute-Friday (hosted by Kate Motaung) prompt is:  Reflect.  Without time to reflect much, we read the prompt and write for five minutes without editing.  Join us!   Reflecting comes naturally when your dad dies.  So since October 25 I’ve been reflecting.  A lot.  My mom, brothers, sister and I… Read more“Reflect on the World, but Focus on Jesus”