Junk for Jesus

I first heard about junk for Jesus from a former co-worker who had spent two years working in Haiti after that country experienced a devastating earthquake in 2010. My friend described part of her duties at the hospital where she volunteered—spending countless hours sorting through things in the donation room—a… Read more“Junk for Jesus”

Broken, Tattered, Beautiful

I wandered the halls of the huge hospital, looking for a chapel. For the past ten hours Pedro had been convulsing and incoherent. After the first episode (less than 24 hours after his arrival at UCSF via air ambulance), the doctors had moved him to a critical care unit. I… Read more“Broken, Tattered, Beautiful”

Chain of Command: The Rest of the Story

A Life of Death Decision After an agonizing night, an interminable trip, and an expensive taxi ride, I had arrived in Pedro’s hospital room by three o’clock, just as I’d promised. He didn’t have a private room, but fortunately no one occupied the other bed. After all, we had some… Read more“Chain of Command: The Rest of the Story”

Regretting My Lack of Regard

The vest hangs in my closet, drab khaki, untouched since the last time we moved, over ten years ago. My grandmother gave it to me twenty-seven years ago, the day I graduated from college. When I opened the gift, I remember thanking her in my fake-enthusiastic way, “Wow, Grandma! Just… Read more“Regretting My Lack of Regard”

Happy-Face State of Grace

Today I’m linking up with Holley Gerth with some Coffee for Your Heart.  It’s a strong cup of coffee this morning, friend.  But I want to encourage you and let you know that God’s grace covers in ways you may not realize until much later. “How’s your husband doing?” a… Read more“Happy-Face State of Grace”

Why We Should All Want to be Indentured Servants

“What would you like me to do next, Mum,” Laura asked as she curtsied and then put the broom away. I looked at her and stifled a giggle. She wore her blue prairie dress and pink apron that I’d made her earlier that year so that she could dress up… Read more“Why We Should All Want to be Indentured Servants”