God’s On Your Map, Guiding Your Journey

“I want to shout, laugh, dance and sing! Andrew is in REMISSION!” I wrote those words in my journal at the end of the first month of chemotherapy for my four-year-old. The hospital staff carefully explained that it was a chemo-induced remission and didn’t mean that his bone marrow was… Read more“God’s On Your Map, Guiding Your Journey”

Be Careful What You Wish For

Follow my blog with Bloglovin A Mom’s Life Returns to ‘Normal’ Loud arguing coming from the bedroom next door wakes me up. “I said, ‘Turn the light off!’” yells my oldest. “Mom said I could get my morning stuff done, and you just need to get up. It’s your morning… Read more“Be Careful What You Wish For”

Proof Discovered in Home Videos

We watched home videos last night. Videos that we packed up a couple of moves ago and haven’t watched since. Random-moment-movies from about six years ago, and then a Christmas morning movie from 10 years ago. Movies that show our family in action and the changes that life brings. My… Read more“Proof Discovered in Home Videos”


Today I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker and the Five-Minute Friday crowd for the prompt of the week: True. Writing for five minutes without editing or backtracking–Go! It’s true. I’m glad my son re-broke his nose and his rib might be broken as well. What kind of sick mother am I? What… Read more“True”

Remember the Journey Part II: The Rest of the Story

Part II –Let God’s Timing be Perfect for You! It’s true confessions time. Every journey has its tough moments. In Remember the Journey, Part I, you read of my hesitation to take pictures; my anxiety that my boy was not going to make it, and my irrational fear that I… Read more“Remember the Journey Part II: The Rest of the Story”

Grab the Moment. Be Brave

        Part I – Grab the Moment. Be Brave Just before Christina hugged me goodbye, her eyes sought mine. My horrified gaze stared right back, her question hanging in the air between us, “What? You didn’t bring your camera?” “No!” I shuddered, chills running down my back…. Read more“Grab the Moment. Be Brave”