Four Tips for Handling the Long Haul as a Cancer Caregiver

Pastor Carl gently pulled the wagon up over the edge of the sidewalk, trying not to bump the worn-out boy in the facemask who rode in the back. Shortly after Andrew returned from his first hospitalization, Pastor Carl dropped by for a visit and offered to take Andrew for a… Read more“Four Tips for Handling the Long Haul as a Cancer Caregiver”

Treasure It!

News of loved one’s cancer diagnosis hits me hard. It always has. But in the last nine years, it REALLY hits! I want to rush in and fix everything for anyone affected by this disease, but having been through this, I realize each person has to script his or her… Read more“Treasure It!”

Carol’s Five-Minute Friday: She

I’m hooking up with the Five-Minute Friday crowd–five minutes of unedited writing on the prompt cooked up by Lisa Jo Baker and friends. This week, the prompt is ‘She’. Go! She was an angel who seemed to not believe in God. Loud and relaxed and extremely precise. She wore a… Read more“Carol’s Five-Minute Friday: She”

Red is a Legacy

Red is a Legacy Because the love of her life, her husband, was a redhead, my little Grandma prayed for redheaded children. She didn’t get any. She prayed for redheaded grandchildren. She didn’t get any. She tripled her efforts and prayed without ceasing for redheaded great-grand-children. She got three great-grand-daughters… Read more“Red is a Legacy”