Passing Through the Dreaded Doors to Cancer

Five-minute-Friday prompts always surprise me with what they bring out of people’s souls. Here’s what it prompted in me today: Dreaded Doors The hallway is darkened and yet startlingly white as I creep toward the double doors. The knot of dread in my stomach grows with each shaky step and… Read more“Passing Through the Dreaded Doors to Cancer”

Thankful to be Cancer Free

Just yesterday I watched a blond-haired mom smile weakly at something witty the receptionist said and reposition her son’s bald head on her shoulder. The little guy whimpered and cuddled in closer. He was around three years old and his bare head showcased a huge scar arching over his right… Read more“Thankful to be Cancer Free”

Who Knew What These Hands Could Do?

I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker and friends for another Five-Minute Friday exercise in writing and bravery. This week’s prompt? Hands. Who could’ve ever guessed what my hands would be called upon to do? Who could have ever imagined what they could be capable of doing? My greatest fear, as a parent,… Read more“Who Knew What These Hands Could Do?”

Double Close

It’s another Thursday and I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and other wonderful writers for Five-Minute Friday. Our prompt this week is CLOSE. If you’d like to join the fun, find out how at Lisa-Jo’s blog. This week has been hectic and crazy and has driven me right over that… Read more“Double Close”

Firsts You Never Wanted

Have you ever been part of a prayer chain and you get a call, or an email, and you think, “Oh my, that poor, poor family. That’s awful!” Have you ever heard a little blurb on the news, and felt a stab of pity for what someone else’s trials? Have… Read more“Firsts You Never Wanted”

What Was God Thinking? {fmf}

First weekend back since my son’s onset of leukemia. First time teaching my cradle roll/kindergarten church kids. First time home without my boy or my husband, who was giving me time home with the girls. First time singing songs with my little darlings about a loving, amazing God while my… Read more“What Was God Thinking? {fmf}”

Hopeful Anesthetic

Follow our blog with Bloglovin The anesthesiologist let us know, in subtle ways, that he didn’t really appreciate having this emergency procedure to squeeze in amongst all the other operations scheduled for the day. He seemed a little impatient, a little harried, and just a little unsettled that we parents… Read more“Hopeful Anesthetic”

Five Tips for Tackling the Insurance Agent (#5 Might be the Hardest)

Follow our blog with Bloglovin “Excuse me, ma’am,” I blurted, abruptly interrupting her professionally designed and polished stream of insane medical insights, “Are you an oncologist?” “Well, no,” she fumbled, then recovered, “I am a professionally trained and competent consultant for clients of catastrophic illness!” Oh, that label. I HATE… Read more“Five Tips for Tackling the Insurance Agent (#5 Might be the Hardest)”

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Well, okay, maybe my children aren’t perfect. Maybe they fight and argue, and maybe when Karina confessed to pinching Andrew when asked why he had those bruises, I believed her! Poor thing, we didn’t know the bruises were actually from cancer. Both girls were there when Andrew cried bloody tears,… Read more“What’s Love Got to Do With It?”

Proof Discovered in Home Videos

We watched home videos last night. Videos that we packed up a couple of moves ago and haven’t watched since. Random-moment-movies from about six years ago, and then a Christmas morning movie from 10 years ago. Movies that show our family in action and the changes that life brings. My… Read more“Proof Discovered in Home Videos”