Out-of-focus Caregiving Can Harm Your Health

I learned the hard way what happens when I lose my focus. I opened the box and quickly tore the wrapper from around its contents. Ah. Pure bliss—a thick layer of dark chocolate covered an incredible sweet bar of chocolate ice cream. “How do you spell relief?” I asked myself…. Read more“Out-of-focus Caregiving Can Harm Your Health”

How to Deal Proactively with Caregiver Pitfalls

One of the most recent heart-wrenching situations I faced was with my mother—there were so many conflicts within conflicts, twists, turns, ups, and downs. At that same time, peace, hope, strength, and joy showed up at the most unexpected times. Proverbs 18:10 states, “The name of the Lord is a… Read more“How to Deal Proactively with Caregiver Pitfalls”