Firsts You Never Wanted

Have you ever been part of a prayer chain and you get a call, or an email, and you think, “Oh my, that poor, poor family. That’s awful!” Have you ever heard a little blurb on the news, and felt a stab of pity for what someone else’s trials? Have… Read more“Firsts You Never Wanted”

The Most Beautiful Crowd (of Six)

You probably wouldn’t call them a crowd. Six people doesn’t make a crowd, does it? But my girls and I have always called them “the crowd on our front sidewalk.” We had taken my four-year-old son to the doctor expecting to hear about anemia, and instead had called my husband… Read more“The Most Beautiful Crowd (of Six)”

Breaking Devastating News to Children

Herkimer the Horrible “Do you remember me telling you kids about when I worked in the kitchen at summer camp?” Laura, ten years old and full of curiosity, and Sarah, a freshly-minted eight, nodded their heads, not sure where this conversation would lead. They knew Pedro had been in pain;… Read more“Breaking Devastating News to Children”

Just Deal With It (In Whatever Healthy Way YOU Can)!

I got a message, in the afternoon, from a dear friend. She explained her husband’s new diagnosis of an aggressive form of blood cancer. The news created instant tears (I’ve always been that way), and a hitch in my breathing (new to me, since cancer-caregiving). That evening Randy and I… Read more“Just Deal With It (In Whatever Healthy Way YOU Can)!”