Clueless Christian Surprised by Subtle Sin

During vacation last week I bravely went on a solitary hike down in the Chiricahua Mountains in southern Arizona. For some reason, no one else in my family felt like getting up at four in the morning, driving two hours from our camp site, and spending the day looking for… Read more“Clueless Christian Surprised by Subtle Sin”

Fifty Marathons after Sixty? Let Lillian Inspire You!

At 23, I felt pretty invincible. So, when my Aunt Lillian casually asked me if I’d like to run in a 5K race, I accepted on a whim. I should have known better than to accept an invitation for a fun run from a 65-year-old—no matter how charming her smile.

Meet My Therapist

I Bought My Therapist I’ve learned more from my therapist in the last five years than I ever could have imagined. Like many decisions in my life, I stumbled upon the use of a therapist by accident—but in retrospect, I realize how much I needed one. The money and time… Read more“Meet My Therapist”

In Search of the Holy Grail…um, Elegant Trogon

A year ago, Pedro and I spent time in the Chiricahua Mountains looking for an Elegant Trogon—a rare and beautiful bird (ok, I looked for the bird, he enjoyed the scenery and the mountain biking). We (I) didn’t find it—despite repeated attempts and long hikes. This year, we went to… Read more“In Search of the Holy Grail…um, Elegant Trogon”