FREE Bible Promise Posters!

Caregivers Need Comfort

Caregiving can hack away at a person’s confidence, routines and security faster than anything I know of. I’ve journeyed through two crazy caregiving seasons in the past decade and a half; once when my husband had cancer and again when our daughter suffered from an undiagnosed mental health issue.
Bible Promise Poster

I learned something important during the first journey. I had to take care of myself DURING the journey so that I wouldn’t end up depressed and off-kilter for years afterwards (that’s what happened the first time). In an effort to take care of myself the second time around, I made spending time with God each day a priority.

Sometimes I did nothing more than add to my book of blessings and copy a Bible promise into my prayer book. But making that connection with God set the tone for my day. I also spent time out in nature with my therapist (aka, my camera).

I’ve combined those two bulwarks–Bible promises and the beauty of nature into a series of Bible promise posters that you can get for free. Just leave your first name and your email address and they will arrive in your inbox each morning for the next 31 days.

May the posters provide you with comfort for your journey–no matter where it leads you. You are NOT alone.