Surreal.  It’s a feeling that has been following me around this week. Today, 9/11, definitely sparks memories of that day 15 years ago when I walked my oldest into her first grade classroom to find her teacher not paying attention to the arrival of the children like he usually did…. Read more“Surreal”

God’s Timing Is Not All About Me

  It’s been proven to me, yet again, that God’s timing is perfect.  That His will is best.  That I need to learn to relax: God’s got things under control.  That life is not all about me, that there are others needing things to happen as well. This spring and… Read more“God’s Timing Is Not All About Me”

Light the Next Step (and trust the Guide for the journey)

Single file, we trudged through the darkness. Silence surrounded us, punctuated only by the strained breath of those not used to trekking up a mountain in darkness.  We’d never been on this trail before, and other trails branching off in different directions reminded us to stay closely behind the guide. … Read more“Light the Next Step (and trust the Guide for the journey)”

An Open Letter to the New Cancer Caregiver Mom

Way back in that far away place stood a stunned mother, desperately trying to understand, to cope and to still look to the future when the world had narrowed to a small hospital room with a narrow bed and an even smaller boy. I found out this week that even… Read more“An Open Letter to the New Cancer Caregiver Mom”

Rise to the Occasion and Do What Terrifies You

Rise and follow seem to go together like macaroni and cheese. But sometimes, I feel like it would be easier to just sit on the ground—paralyzed and holding out my alms cup waiting for grace to trickle in. But when Jesus heals us—whether it’s from addictions, sorrow, grief, illness, depression,… Read more“Rise to the Occasion and Do What Terrifies You”

Watching the Door of My Lips

Pedro invited two students over for dinner, and after dessert, I slipped away to join the Five-minute Friday Twitter party. The boys have been guests at our house before, and they know the tradition—after eating comes the loud music. Toby Mac’s voice pulsates through the house—right on cue with Kate… Read more“Watching the Door of My Lips”

When I Remember

The words from the song we sang at summer camp reverberate in my head. “When I remember that he died for me, I’ll never go back any more, Hallelujah!” As a staff member singing along with the kids, my favorite part involved the hand motions—all 300 campers and 80 staff… Read more“When I Remember”


“Anyone need a pair of gloves?” I called out to the group of 17 excited students as we waited in the ski lodge. A chorus of “I dos!” overwhelmed me, and I noticed for the first time how inadequately prepared most of the kids were. Last night I sorted through… Read more“Share”

Always Welcome (Really)

    She threw the cupboard doors open and slung open a drawer in one grand gesture. “Here are the glasses and the silverware. So now you know where everything is. You just make yourself at home!” I smiled self-consciously and apologized for the umpteenth time that we were in… Read more“Always Welcome (Really)”


Yesterday, I had my whole afternoon scheduled down to the minute (in an attempt to get more done and be more efficient). Guess what, it didn’t work. When I finished my blitz shopping at the local store, I pushed my cart through the doors and found my way blocked by… Read more“Giveaway!”