Why That Proverbs 31 Woman Really Chaps My Hide

The Proverbs 31 woman irritates me. I think of her in my head as Mrs. Perfecta Esposa (in a snarky sort of way). Ok, maybe it’s the ideal of Perfecta that really rubs me the wrong way. Well, in all honesty, the fact that people think that anyone should live… Read more“Why That Proverbs 31 Woman Really Chaps My Hide”

Chain of Command: The Rest of the Story

A Life of Death Decision After an agonizing night, an interminable trip, and an expensive taxi ride, I had arrived in Pedro’s hospital room by three o’clock, just as I’d promised. He didn’t have a private room, but fortunately no one occupied the other bed. After all, we had some… Read more“Chain of Command: The Rest of the Story”

What Was God Thinking? {fmf}

First weekend back since my son’s onset of leukemia. First time teaching my cradle roll/kindergarten church kids. First time home without my boy or my husband, who was giving me time home with the girls. First time singing songs with my little darlings about a loving, amazing God while my… Read more“What Was God Thinking? {fmf}”

The Most Beautiful Crowd (of Six)

You probably wouldn’t call them a crowd. Six people doesn’t make a crowd, does it? But my girls and I have always called them “the crowd on our front sidewalk.” We had taken my four-year-old son to the doctor expecting to hear about anemia, and instead had called my husband… Read more“The Most Beautiful Crowd (of Six)”

Proof Discovered in Home Videos

We watched home videos last night. Videos that we packed up a couple of moves ago and haven’t watched since. Random-moment-movies from about six years ago, and then a Christmas morning movie from 10 years ago. Movies that show our family in action and the changes that life brings. My… Read more“Proof Discovered in Home Videos”

Breaking Devastating News to Children

Herkimer the Horrible “Do you remember me telling you kids about when I worked in the kitchen at summer camp?” Laura, ten years old and full of curiosity, and Sarah, a freshly-minted eight, nodded their heads, not sure where this conversation would lead. They knew Pedro had been in pain;… Read more“Breaking Devastating News to Children”

Booting Bumbling Bildad from the Room

The well-meaning man of God sat in the chair opposite from me, vacantly watching the nurse take Pedro’s vital signs. Pedro’s eyelids drifted down as the morphine took effect. I could use a shot of that stuff, I thought. Then I could escape this insufferable visitor without seeming rude. The… Read more“Booting Bumbling Bildad from the Room”

Definition of a Caregiver: YOU!

      I swallowed the ache in my throat as her salt-and-pepper head bent over his snowy white one. My big, strong and wise daddy gazed up out of one of his little-boy moments, “Am I OK?” he asked. Mom nodded and kissed his cheek, “You’re fine, you can… Read more“Definition of a Caregiver: YOU!”