{fmf} Paint

Join us at Lisa-Jo Baker’s for Five-Minute Friday, where we receive a prompt and write for just five minutes and then hit publish before we overthink or over edit–it’s exercise, after all  ;). With a flick of his head Hair flops to the side And settles back over downcast eyes… Read more“{fmf} Paint”

Weighty Matters: Four Things I Would Do Differently (#1 is the Hardest)

Now that Pedro was out of immediate danger, I could take a deep breath. It wasn’t a very deep breath, because I was walking up the eleven flights of stairs with a high quality ice-cream bar in my hand. I’ve gotta take the stairs more often, I thought to myself…. Read more“Weighty Matters: Four Things I Would Do Differently (#1 is the Hardest)”

Courage to Let Kids to Fly

When I was five or six and we had a chicken egg incubator set up in our house. I watched the eggs every day, hoping to see the first crack in the shell. I remember squealing in delight and reaching my chubby fingers into the incubator—eager to grab an egg and… Read more“Courage to Let Kids to Fly”

Caregiver: What’s YOUR Sign?

Lined up on the bleachers watching our daughters play basketball we exchanged sporadic chatty remarks with our pastor and his wife seated in front of us. During a break in the game, while checking email on his phone, my husband murmured to me the status of a cancer-fighting friend. The… Read more“Caregiver: What’s YOUR Sign?”

Five-Minute Friday: Grace

the eyes of those who profess to care stare out of judgment ignoring stories they claim to hear but make no effort to understand and unravel the threads that bind the edges of my heart the tongues of those who claim a relationship whip and writhe in so many directions… Read more“Five-Minute Friday: Grace”


Together. It’s an automatic response. When I see the word “together” I think of my husband – Randy. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend when I started hanging out with Randy. But he was so amazing; calm, steady, logical, Christian, smart and fun. Somewhere through the year we were studying… Read more“Together”

Just Deal With It (In Whatever Healthy Way YOU Can)!

I got a message, in the afternoon, from a dear friend. She explained her husband’s new diagnosis of an aggressive form of blood cancer. The news created instant tears (I’ve always been that way), and a hitch in my breathing (new to me, since cancer-caregiving). That evening Randy and I… Read more“Just Deal With It (In Whatever Healthy Way YOU Can)!”

Have You Made a Plan for a Catastrophe?

Big City Traveling We looked like something out of a freak show. A plump, flustered lady lugging a lawn chair, blankets, a pillow and a bag standing next to a tall, bald man who looked liked he’d escaped from the set of Schindler’s List. Two excited, fluttering children jabbering about… Read more“Have You Made a Plan for a Catastrophe?”

Seven Signs You May Suffer From *Chemo Brain by Proxy

I stood in the middle of the kitchen, a measuring cup in one hand and a carton of eggs in the other.  What was I doing? Oh, yeah.  Cleaning the bathroom. I looked at the items in my hands and shrugged before setting them down on the open oven door. … Read more“Seven Signs You May Suffer From *Chemo Brain by Proxy”

Solutions, Not New Year’s Resolutions

For years I made New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, give up chocolate, start an exercise program, have better health and myriad other impossible proclamations.  While my husband recovered from his stem-cell transplant, I spent all of my spare time in bed—grumpy and depressed and fifty pounds overweight.  All of my… Read more“Solutions, Not New Year’s Resolutions”