Long-Distance Parenting

My cell phone let out an angry buzz that reverberated through the sticky Naugahyde, rousing me from my one-eyed slumber. I grabbed for the phone and checked the time, then the number. Home. Where exactly was I? I punched the green button, took in the IV poles, antiseptic smells and… Read more“Long-Distance Parenting”

‘Together’ Means “Just the Three of Us”

When Pedro and I started falling in love in October of 1986, we thought ‘together’ meant spending every spare moment with each other in between classes and work. When we stood before family and friends two years later and vowed to love each other and stick together through the good… Read more“‘Together’ Means “Just the Three of Us””

Treasure It!

News of loved one’s cancer diagnosis hits me hard. It always has. But in the last nine years, it REALLY hits! I want to rush in and fix everything for anyone affected by this disease, but having been through this, I realize each person has to script his or her… Read more“Treasure It!”