Five Tasks You Can Complete in Under Five Minutes

Putting Tasks Off Wastes Time I often feel overwhelmed by all the tasks I have to cram into a day. The house needs cleaning, the bills cry out from the desktop, and the refrigerator sits forlorn and empty. Make a meal? Ain’t got time for that! If you’re a caregiver,… Read more“Five Tasks You Can Complete in Under Five Minutes”

Listen to Your Heritage (It Has the Power to Transform You)

Listen to Longfellow Whenever I hear the word ‘Listen’ I immediately think of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s famous poem about Paul Revere: Listen my children and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere… ( Of course, I especially love the poem because of the family connection. Paul Revere… Read more“Listen to Your Heritage (It Has the Power to Transform You)”

Four Tips for Encouraging Others When It’s Not Your Love Language

Encouraging Others is a Learned Skill Encouraging others does not come naturally for me. Maybe my intorvertedness or laziness keeps me from encouraging others, but I know that encouragement plays an important role in others achieving success. Everyone Moves at a Different Pace My husband and I took ten kids… Read more“Four Tips for Encouraging Others When It’s Not Your Love Language”


Surreal.  It’s a feeling that has been following me around this week. Today, 9/11, definitely sparks memories of that day 15 years ago when I walked my oldest into her first grade classroom to find her teacher not paying attention to the arrival of the children like he usually did…. Read more“Surreal”

Appreciating the Little Things

It’s a tiny little thing, this rental house of ours.  We’re crammed in this tiny space and the majority of our stuff is in storage. It’s been a big transition from Kansas to California. It took great strategy and planning, rearranging and sending more to storage, in order to get… Read more“Appreciating the Little Things”

Every Caregiver Needs at Least One Loyal Friend

Caregivers Need a Loyal Friend Every caregiver needs one loyal friend who has journeyed through a season of caregiving. I found mine when I took a writing class one summer and ended up sitting next to one of my husband’s former classmates from high school. We knew each other, but… Read more“Every Caregiver Needs at Least One Loyal Friend”

Hope for Caregivers Found in Hope Prevails

Hope Prevails (but it Took Me Awhile to See That) If you’ve ever read the ‘About’ section of this blog, or seen my bio on my twitter account, you’ll know that I call myself a ‘recovering cancer caregiver.’ If you have ever gone through a season of life where a… Read more“Hope for Caregivers Found in Hope Prevails”

Intercessory Prayers Provide Invisible Lift

Christians often say they will ‘lift someone up in prayer,’ but what does it really mean? I can’t give you a theological answer, but I can offer you my experiences with the powerful lift of prayer. Startled Awake “Pray for British envoy Terry Waite,” the voice startled me awake from… Read more“Intercessory Prayers Provide Invisible Lift”

Obedience – It’s All in the Love!

High energy, cute and has perfect obedience  – – when she feels like it. That’s our new-this-spring mini-Aussie puppy.  We love her.  But when she doesn’t feel like obeying? She does exactly what she wants.  And lately what she wants, is to jump.  She loves jumping somewhere near your face.  Actually, preferably ON your… Read more“Obedience – It’s All in the Love!”

Five Tips for Learning to Forgive the Jerk at Work

  How long should it take us to forgive? Years ago my sister-in-law organized a pool party for Sarah’s sixth or seventh birthday. We lived about four hours away, and planned to visit them during a vacation—which also happened to include Sarah’s birthday. I enjoyed the break from party planning,… Read more“Five Tips for Learning to Forgive the Jerk at Work”