Five-Minute Friday: Mercy

I stand in the darkness doing the mosquito slap-dance while the cicadas press in around me and the moon plays peek-a-boo with the clouds. I breathe deeply of the mesquite and spilled diesel fuel and try to refocus my impatience at the situation. At the end of a long day… Read more“Five-Minute Friday: Mercy”

Red is a Legacy

Red is a Legacy Because the love of her life, her husband, was a redhead, my little Grandma prayed for redheaded children. She didn’t get any. She prayed for redheaded grandchildren. She didn’t get any. She tripled her efforts and prayed without ceasing for redheaded great-grand-children. She got three great-grand-daughters… Read more“Red is a Legacy”

Red is the Color of Transformation

Red is the color of transformation The first bag of donated blood hanging from the IV pole grossed me out. The thought of someone else’s life force and cells rushing through Pedro’s veins seemed both miraculous and messy. Sure, I’d given blood before—the first time as an impulsive act (the… Read more“Red is the Color of Transformation”

Five-Minute Friday: Worship

I tried to do this in five minutes. I really did. After all, I’m a Christian woman who holds strongly to my faith. I base my work on my belief that we serve others.  I raise my children through prayers that God will parent more strongly than either my husband… Read more“Five-Minute Friday: Worship”

Last Questions

Siblings snuggle on the hospital bed. Last What if it’s the last time I kiss him goodnight? What if they wheel him away and it’s the last time I see him awake? What if this chemo session doesn’t work and it’s the last medication he gets, this medication that makes… Read more“Last Questions”

Last and Last

Last and Last. Same word, two meanings. Someone once said “Dead last is greater than ‘did not finish,’ which trumps ‘did not start.’” How often do I not start something because I am afraid that I’ll come in last–that my efforts won’t be ‘good enough’ (or at least as good… Read more“Last and Last”

Small {fmf}

      I ran along the dirt road behind the boarding school where I work, grumping to myself at each step. I had forgotten how many challenges the first week of school brings to a teacher: new students, teaching procedures and figuring out the schedule and what do with… Read more“Small {fmf}”

Caregiver Loneliness

ICU minutes stretch like bubblegum—at some point, I know they’ll burst and slap more messiness into my life. I wait, lonely in the busiest place on the planet, for the nurses to allow me back into Pedro’s room. The tubes cascade out of his mouth, bringing life and hope that… Read more“Caregiver Loneliness”

The Dress: Then and Now

    Twenty-five years ago I purchased the materials to make my dream gown—the one I would wear as I walked down the aisle to marry my prince. Unemployed, still in school, and short on funds, I spent under $125.00 on fabric, lace, sequins, beads, and two patterns (I couldn’t… Read more“The Dress: Then and Now”


      “I’ll wait. Hurry here,” Pedro had told me the night before. And so I stood in his hospital room, tears in my eyes as he explained his misery and the doctor’s prognosis if they administered more radiation: the mind of an Alzheimer’s patient. “Take me home. I… Read more“Present”