Easy Sweet Potato Quesadillas Smothered in Tomatillo Sauce

Healthy Food Choices Inspire Me Healthy (er) food choices always inspire me. Take, for instance, lowly quesadillas. I’d never even heard of them until I started college, and after we married, we often ate them because they only took a few minutes to prepare. Somewhere along the way, we started… Read more“Easy Sweet Potato Quesadillas Smothered in Tomatillo Sauce”

Taco Tuesday for Vegetarians (Vegans and Those Who Must Eat Gluten-free)

Looking for a quick vegetarian taco Tuesday recipe? Here’s a quick and easy taco recipe that even the meat eaters in your family will love (I know, I’ve tried it on non-vegetarian, teenage boys). The best part about this recipe is that you can easily freeze the leftovers and have… Read more“Taco Tuesday for Vegetarians (Vegans and Those Who Must Eat Gluten-free)”

Bow-Tie Pasta with Pesto, Potatoes and Green Beans

I usually make the pesto sauce ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator with a thin layer of olive oil on top to keep it from discoloring. That way, I can throw the dish together in twenty minutes when I get home form work or from church. If…. Read more“Bow-Tie Pasta with Pesto, Potatoes and Green Beans”

Vegetarian Fiesta Pizza With Creamy Jalapeño Sauce

I remember the first time I ordered a gourmet vegetarian pizza in Mexico, at a popular pizza joint in Ensenada. When we asked the waiter if they served a vegetarian pizza, he shrugged, gave us an odd look, and nodded. Thirty minutes later, he returned and placed a pizza on… Read more“Vegetarian Fiesta Pizza With Creamy Jalapeño Sauce”

Last-Minute Vegetarian Meatballs: A Story about Spontaneous Spaghetti Dinners

It’s 9:20 on a blustery Saturday morning, and we’ve had a desultory debate for three hours about what we should do today. We wanted to find some place beautiful and warm and relax away from school (we live on campus at a boarding school), even if it meant missing church…. Read more“Last-Minute Vegetarian Meatballs: A Story about Spontaneous Spaghetti Dinners”

Creamy Chipotle Rice Noodles (Vegan & gluten-free)

Creamy Chipotle Rice Noodles Serves 8-10 1 Tbs. olive oil 4 cloves of garlic, halved 2 jalapeños, quartered (if you like your food spicy, use two jalapeños, otherwise, just use one!) ½ large onion, cut into large chunks. Sauté the garlic, jalapeños, and onion over medium-high heat in a large… Read more“Creamy Chipotle Rice Noodles (Vegan & gluten-free)”

Vegetarian Taco Burgers

Vegetarian Taco Burgers Yields 12-15 burgers 2 cups taco-flavored TVP (texturized vegetable protein)* 1 Tbs. dried oregano 1 tsp. cayenne 1 tsp. salt 2 cups boiling water 6 eggs ½ c. whole-wheat flour OR ½ cup oat flour (whiz a cup of oats in the blender) ½ onion chopped Oil for… Read more“Vegetarian Taco Burgers”

Enchilada Casserole (GF, Vegan, Quick and Spicy!)

Have you ever wondered what to do when friends or family come to visit and they have dietary restrictions?  (tweet this) Try this spicy enchilada casserole–it’s gluten-free and can be made without cheese for the vegans or with cheese for the vegetarians! 2 lbs extra firm tofu (drained and pressed and grated—see… Read more“Enchilada Casserole (GF, Vegan, Quick and Spicy!)”