Steal Away with Me

Steal away with Me. Escape the chains of responsibility Eschew the ropes of judgement and scorn Discard the tethers of others’ expectations And sit awhile with Me. Steal away with Me. Let the laundry lie in its limp endless loads Seek a crack in the cacophony of caregiving Allow the… Read more“Steal Away with Me”

Karma or Grace

Many of us know popular phrases regarding Karma in our lives, even if it’s not our belief system.  A few of us have wished Karma to happen to those around us.  One or two of us have had our choices come back around and bite us.  Karma seems to be… Read more“Karma or Grace”

The Nature of the Beast

“It’s the nature of the beast,” I wrote to Anita in one of our many chats:  things pile up in the worst possible ways. The end of the quarter looms a week away – grades are due, finals given, frantic make-up assignments might possibly be turned in by desperate students and/or… Read more“The Nature of the Beast”

Freedom of Choice in Everything

Freedom of Choice: It’s what my son advised me to write about today. My son, the leukemia survivor who watches my writing from the sidelines, knowing it’s about him and keeping out of it in ways only a sixteen-year-old can do. He’s given me permission to write about him, and,… Read more“Freedom of Choice in Everything”

Hearts of Love on Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and that means hearts and chocolates, lace and roses, confessions of love and statements of commitment.  Our society, here in the United States, seems to be undergoing a fierce shaking apart.  Those who profess love protest in the streets.  The ones hurting the deepest feel the… Read more“Hearts of Love on Valentine’s Day”

Safe in the Tub – the love in the midst of the impossible

This post is written with the gang over at Five-Minute-Friday where we write on a prompt, for five minutes, and then post.  Don’t think, just do it!  This week’s prompt:  SAFE It’s been sitting for nine years, safe in the bin I threw it in when I tried to return… Read more“Safe in the Tub – the love in the midst of the impossible”

Extend a Helping Hand

The first one to lend a helping hand was not the most capable-looking one of the group. She was, however, the most cheerful.  She pushed past the line leader and they both stood staring at the creek where my daughter, Karina, and I stood, taking a picture to commemorate our… Read more“Extend a Helping Hand”

Screaming – Five Tips for NOT Screaming

“Get out of my way!” I screamed at the driver who cut me off. “Where could you possibly have to go that’s more important than me taking my son to the ER?” “I don’t have time for this!” I screamed in my classroom at the mountain of papers the substitute… Read more“Screaming – Five Tips for NOT Screaming”

He Lives within my Heart

 “He lives within my heart!” It’s amazing to stand in an auditorium filled with Christian pastors and teachers and have all 300 or so lifting their hearts to God together in song.  I loved every moment.  Until they introduced the hymn, “He Lives”.  The song leader motioned everyone to stand… Read more“He Lives within my Heart”

New Year or New Every Morning

On New Year’s Day, it’s natural to focus on the “new” part.  It’s a new day, a new week and a new year all in one, this year.  Today is a traditional time to make New Year’s Resolutions and a time when the entire country focuses on getting organized and healthy… Read more“New Year or New Every Morning”