Firsts You Never Wanted

Have you ever been part of a prayer chain and you get a call, or an email, and you think, “Oh my, that poor, poor family. That’s awful!” Have you ever heard a little blurb on the news, and felt a stab of pity for what someone else’s trials? Have… Read more“Firsts You Never Wanted”

Evidence of a Miracle {fmf: grateful}

I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker and the wonderful writers at Five-Minute Friday.  This week’s prompt?  Grateful. My son graduates from 8th grade on the 22nd of May. It’s not a BIG deal, but trust me, it’s a BIG DEAL! We hit the wall, when he was four years old and diagnosed… Read more“Evidence of a Miracle {fmf: grateful}”

My Life’s a Mess (but that’s OK)

FMF – Mess The five-minute-Friday prompt, which triggers a five-minute unedited writing spree for many women who choose to join, made me laugh out loud. Oh how this one is tailor made just for me. Mess. That would be me. My son is getting ready to go camping with a… Read more“My Life’s a Mess (but that’s OK)”

Friend {fmf}

  Today I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and the fabulous Five-Minute Friday crowd–where Lisa-Jo gives us a prompt and we do our best to write for just five minutes before hitting ‘publish’ and rushing off to read everyone else’s beautiful words. Join us! Prompt: Friend The five-minute Friday prompt… Read more“Friend {fmf}”

{fmf} Paint

Join us at Lisa-Jo Baker’s for Five-Minute Friday, where we receive a prompt and write for just five minutes and then hit publish before we overthink or over edit–it’s exercise, after all  ;). With a flick of his head Hair flops to the side And settles back over downcast eyes… Read more“{fmf} Paint”

What Was God Thinking? {fmf}

First weekend back since my son’s onset of leukemia. First time teaching my cradle roll/kindergarten church kids. First time home without my boy or my husband, who was giving me time home with the girls. First time singing songs with my little darlings about a loving, amazing God while my… Read more“What Was God Thinking? {fmf}”

The Most Beautiful Crowd (of Six)

You probably wouldn’t call them a crowd. Six people doesn’t make a crowd, does it? But my girls and I have always called them “the crowd on our front sidewalk.” We had taken my four-year-old son to the doctor expecting to hear about anemia, and instead had called my husband… Read more“The Most Beautiful Crowd (of Six)”


Today I’m linking up with Kirsten Oliphant’s group that meets each week to tell their Not So (Small) Stories. In this fifth edition, the prompt is ‘Word. Speech. Language’ and the goal is to develop our voice. If you’d like to join us, the link is here (the link up… Read more“Words”

The Last Visit

Today’s Five-Minute Friday Prompt: Visit The goal: Write for five minutes, then hit the ‘publish’ button. GO! The only thing recognizable about the face in front of us is the smile and the gentle heart behind it. Her head showcases stitches, seams and baldness left from chemo, surgery and radiation…. Read more“The Last Visit”

{fmf} Reflect

Today I’m joining the Five-Minute Friday flash mob over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s.  Our task?  Write for five minutes about the the prompt of the week.  This week, the word is: reflect. Ready.  Set.  Write! I’ve been an absolute pro at reflecting. I can always rehash a scene in my mind… Read more“{fmf} Reflect”