Glaciers, Relationships and Religion

Finding a Glacier “What’s one thing you really want to do in Alaska this summer?” I asked Pedro before our trip started. “Walk on a glacier,” he replied. “Awesome! I already have that on my list of fifty fun firsts. Too bad you won’t turn fifty until after we get… Read more“Glaciers, Relationships and Religion”

Glaciers, Goals and Goats in Banff National Park

Glaciers, Mountain Goats and Goals As part of my fiftieth celebration, I created a list of fifty fun firsts for my fiftieth year.  This summer, Pedro and I headed to Alaska to visit Sarah. Along the way, we plan on experiencing as many things from the list as possible. Under… Read more“Glaciers, Goals and Goats in Banff National Park”

Ways to Celebrate the Big Five-O

The Big Five-O About two months ago I decided that to celebrate the big five-o, I would create a list of fifty things I wanted to do during my fiftieth year. Finding fifty fun firsts has proved more difficult than I expected. Last night, I decided I’d better put pen… Read more“Ways to Celebrate the Big Five-O”

I Need to Celebrate Fifty Fun Firsts

In less than two months I’ll hit a new decade and I’ve decided to make the transition fun. I think I have Pedro convinced to try it too. We want to accomplish fifty fun firsts in our fiftieth year (try saying that ten times fast!). Some of the things on… Read more“I Need to Celebrate Fifty Fun Firsts”