Self-Care for Caregivers Involves Learning How to Breathe

Self-Care for Caregivers Involves Learning How to Breathe To breathe or not to breathe, this is the question. I know, we all breathe, all the time; otherwise, we would be dead. But did you know that HOW we breathe plays a huge role in our health? During Pedro’s cancer year,… Read more“Self-Care for Caregivers Involves Learning How to Breathe”

Six Tips for Family Caregivers During a Catastrophe

The Family Caregiver’s Guide to Self-Care at the Hospital “Excuse me,” I interrupted the nurse as she stood at the desk working on charts. “I don’t think Pedro received his pain meds.” “Let me check,” she replied with a busy frown. “Yes, it says right here that he had his… Read more“Six Tips for Family Caregivers During a Catastrophe”

Screaming – Five Tips for NOT Screaming

“Get out of my way!” I screamed at the driver who cut me off. “Where could you possibly have to go that’s more important than me taking my son to the ER?” “I don’t have time for this!” I screamed in my classroom at the mountain of papers the substitute… Read more“Screaming – Five Tips for NOT Screaming”

What DO Caregivers Crave?

What DO Caregivers Crave? I locked the bathroom door behind me and hurried through my morning routine, keeping a wary eye on my watch. I had just five minutes until the room outside would fill with doctors and interns on their morning ‘rounds’ of the cancer ward. They didn’t actually… Read more“What DO Caregivers Crave?”

Five Tips for Using Social Media for Support in a Crisis

To Share, or Not to Share In the last few years, we’ve seen millions of people, from celebrities to classmates, live their lives out loud on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. But when disaster strikes, how does a person decide what to share and with whom to share… Read more“Five Tips for Using Social Media for Support in a Crisis”

Don’t Judge People For Where They Park

Hating on the Cheaters Who Park in Handicap Spots I used to steam internally when I saw a perfectly healthy person park in a handicap spot. “What is WRONG with that person?” I would mumble. “Don’t they understand that they could get fined for parking there?” Of course, what I… Read more“Don’t Judge People For Where They Park”

Five Tips for Finding Hidden Humor in the Hospital

Hidden Away in Area 51 I held the clean pair of hospital pants up to show Pedro, and shook my head in disgust. “Pretty big,” he said with a lopsided grin—lopsided because one half of his face didn’t move due to paralysis from cancer. “Both you AND I could fit… Read more“Five Tips for Finding Hidden Humor in the Hospital”

Celebrate the Victories (no matter the size)

We cannot discount the simplest and most appreciated blessing during any prolonged medical fight!  This (posted above) sort-of-poem-but-mostly-celebratory journal entry was the first time Andrew achieved the status of remission.  It was a chemo induced remission and came after about a month of the fight with leukemia.  That first month… Read more“Celebrate the Victories (no matter the size)”

Proof that You are NOT Alone

You are NOT alone (even if most days it feels like it). One of the most incredible circumstances in my caregiver recovery happened one summer when I received an email from the professor of a writing workshop class I wanted to take at Walla Walla University. She informed me that… Read more“Proof that You are NOT Alone”

How to Visit a Sick Person

How to Visit a Sick Person The force of the other car T-boning his car had thrown him partially through the sunroof—despite his seatbelt. He now lay in a coma with injuries to his head, spleen, pelvis, ribs, spine and legs. For four years, this young man had been part… Read more“How to Visit a Sick Person”