Alzheimer’s Cannot Steal my Father’s Peace

My dad is a brilliant civil engineer who has overseen countless building projects, road construction and city designs and he can’t remember where he lives nor that he built the house in the first place.  My dad is an amazing musician who sings the Lord’s Prayer in a way guaranteed… Read more“Alzheimer’s Cannot Steal my Father’s Peace”

FMF – Green

I’m joining Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday and today’s prompt word is Green. Having a sick child is worrying. Going through chemotherapy with a four and then a five year old is anxiety producing. Spending hours in a hospital listening to Dora the Explorer and Bambi is mind numbing. Driving… Read more“FMF – Green”

CNA or a Fairy Godmother to a Caregiver and Patient?

Laura entered Andrew’s room, carefully sanitizing her hands and greeting Andrew with her big friendly smile.  She was a favorite, because each time she entered, she always carried on a cheerful conversation, whether Andrew was well enough to respond or not.  She bustled around wiping sinks and counters, picking up… Read more“CNA or a Fairy Godmother to a Caregiver and Patient?”

Finally Admitting to a Surprising Blessing

I can’t I can’t even I can’t even say it That thing that no mom wants to admit to That every mother sets out to avoid Rules say no Desperate need says yes. Those days during a fight with childhood cancer Where your body bears the imprint of that lovely… Read more“Finally Admitting to a Surprising Blessing”

Dirty Drawers and Caring Colleagues

I sank down in the midst of the piles of neatly folded and partially sorted laundry that was spread around the living room floor and began to cry. Who knew it would come to this?  Me, who’d always been the caregiver, the rescuer, the one to jump in and help. … Read more“Dirty Drawers and Caring Colleagues”

Giving to a Tired Caregiver – Inspire Me Monday

I awoke with a start, staring wildly at the profusion of trees to my left.  My gaze swung right.  More trees.  I sat partway upright and saw trees in front, but then my gaze hit the rearview mirror.  My four-year-old’s head glowed in the sunlight shining through the back window. … Read more“Giving to a Tired Caregiver – Inspire Me Monday”

Celebrate the Victories (no matter the size)

We cannot discount the simplest and most appreciated blessing during any prolonged medical fight!  This (posted above) sort-of-poem-but-mostly-celebratory journal entry was the first time Andrew achieved the status of remission.  It was a chemo induced remission and came after about a month of the fight with leukemia.  That first month… Read more“Celebrate the Victories (no matter the size)”

Love – It Means Everything (especially when caregiving)

In this series of 31 Days of Unexpected Blessings from Caregiving, I’m reviewing our days, weeks, months and years of cancer caregiving and all it’s repercussions.  I’m looking for specifics, for blessings and things I never understood before.  In searching my journal I sometimes come across a moment so beautiful… Read more“Love – It Means Everything (especially when caregiving)”

TRUST (in the middle of caregiving)

This five-minute-Friday link up has been all day in the works.  I invented lots of excuses to not write today; it’s my birthday, I needed to run errands for my kids, this is a hard subject, I had a lot to do and I wasn’t feeling well. The truth however,… Read more“TRUST (in the middle of caregiving)”

Be in the Right Place at the Right Time – part 2

“Ok.  We can do this,” I muttered to no one in particular.  “We’ll drive home from the hospital together, leave the extra car here, take the girls to grandpa and grandma’s house and head up to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.” “No!”  shot back the doctor who’d just had the unfortunate task… Read more“Be in the Right Place at the Right Time – part 2”