Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home for Your Best Smile

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In Which I Discover a New Product: Smile Brilliant

So far in life, I’ve avoided the embarrassment of a student saying, “Teacher, your teeth are yellow.” But, I have wondered about teeth whitening systems—especially since I enjoy a cup of coffee (or two) on a daily basis, and drink herb teas. When Ashley, from Smile Brilliant, reached out to me to ask if I’d like to do a blog collaboration with her company, I thought, “Why not?”

In exchange for an at-home teeth whitening kit, I agreed to write a blog post about my experience and to post about it on social media. So, here’s my story. First of all, I’m a bad student—Ashley has graciously put up with all of my other deadlines and teacher-related things that prevented me from holding up my end of the bargain in a timely manner.

Second, Smile Brilliant has a cracker-jack customer service (including Ashley) program. The brochures and emails explained exactly how to go through the teeth-whitening process, from creating the molds to using the product.

The first step involves a quick survey to determine what kind of teeth you have—I classified mine as sensitive, so Ashley suggested that I use their product for sensitive teeth. A box comes in the mail with everything necessary for creating the molds and whitening one’s teeth. They even include an extra tray in case you mess up (which I did on the first mold).

One advantage to the at-home system involves drool. Yes, drool. For some reason, the casting process made me drool copious amounts—something that would have embarrassed me a lot in the dentist’s office just made me laugh at home.

The Whitening Process

Once I’d completed the molds, I popped them in the mail in the pre-paid mailer. I love it when companies give attention to detail like this—our small-town post office has limited hours. Smile Brilliant offers discounts to customers who might want to order two sets of trays—I didn’t see the point in this until after I’d started the whitening process. It’s a great offer, so you might want to consider it. They also have a discount on additional whitening product if purchased at the time of sending in the tray molds.

Two weeks later, I received the trays in the mail—they come in a nice plastic carrying case. I confess that it took me awhile to get started with the process, but once I did, it worked like a charm. Whitening involves a two-step process that’s repeated daily (more or less) over a period of several weeks.

I found that using a Q-tip to apply petroleum jelly to my gums kept me from tasting the product. Not that is has a bad taste, it’s just not chocolate! The instructions directed me to start for 30 minutes, and to work my way up to several hours.

After wearing the trays with the whitening gel, you’ll need to rinse and dry the trays before applying the desensitizing gel. This is where having two sets of trays would come in handy.

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The Custom Fit

Because Smile Brilliant customizes the trays to fit your mouth, they fit like a glove (ok, a weird analogy for one’s teeth, but you get the picture). Sometimes, conversations sounded a little funky, but I could easily converse with others.

Smile Brilliant claims that you can carry on with your normal life whilst wearing the trays. Although I wouldn’t advocate wearing them when speaking in front of a large audience, I had no problems wearing them during my aerobics class, walking, hiking, running, and birding.

The trays keep the whitening gel and desensitizing gel where they belong, and comfortably on your teeth.

Does it Work?

YES! It does! Smile Brilliant suggests that during the whitening process, customers should forego things like coffee, tea, and berries. Did I mention that I’m a bad student? I read that piece of advice after I had finished whitening my teeth.

Despite my failure to read all the suggestions, my teeth looked noticeably whiter by the end of the process. I had just had my teeth cleaned three months prior to using Smile Brilliant’s whitening system, so I wondered if my teeth would actually get whiter. They did!

Here are the before and after photos:My whiter, brighter smile after using at at-home teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant.

So, if you’ve thought about whitening your teeth, and wondered whether to invest in whitening strips or a procedure at the dentist’s office, Smile Brilliant has a great alternative. You’ll get custom-fitting trays, a great product, superior customer service, and above all, a brighter smile!

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