What’s YOUR Caregiver Story?

Feeling Lonely? You’re Not Alone!

Whether you’ve eased your way into caregiving for a parent as he or she aged or dropped into the tumultuous sea of caregiving by an unforeseen event (cancer, accident, etc.), you probably know about caregiver loneliness.

Life goes into hyper-focused slow motion in your immediate sphere and seems to keep flying by at warp speed everywhere else. You lose touch with friends. Maybe you question if you even HAVE friends. Days away from work seem more like years. Once easy decisions require more brain power than before. You can’t sleep or you sleep too much. You. feel. so. alone.

But you AREN’T alone! Hundreds of thousands of other caregivers struggle with the same feelings and thoughts. And guess what? YOU can help them! Share you story. Find community. You don’t have to attend a caregiver counseling group (although, if its available in your area, it might prove helpful). Just sharing your story in a safe place goes a long way towards lighting up the lonely edges of your existence.

Even if you no longer care for someone, you might still suffer from ‘Chemo Brain by Proxy‘ (aka, stress or PTSD). Sharing your story helps you process your experience.

Stories from the Caregiver Trenches

Are you a caregiver? Caregiver loneliness can eat away at your soul. Find community with other caregivers. #cancer, #dementia, #mentalillness, #stroke,Rather than spotlight just one story this month, I wanted to share a sampling of stories from bloggers and caregivers that I’ve met over the years.

Karen Sebastian, the ‘Hope Lady,’  has two great series on caregiving, one for the caregiver needing hope, and another for the caregiver who needs to start taking care of herself.

Martha Brady, a retired nurse who cares for her husband, writes about caregiving and grace over at GrittyGrace.com. She wrote an excellent series about self-care for caregivers.

Dr. Michelle Bengtson, a neuropsychiatrist and caregiver, has a plethora of encouraging and enlightening posts for caregivers. You can find them on her blog, Hope Prevails.

When you start feeling isolated and lonely in your caregiving journey, I encourage you to reach out and look for others in the same boat. We have a series of guest posts on the blog from other caregivers in the trenches. You can find their stories here.

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