New Beginnings

The teachers at my new school lined up to welcome students to a new beginning.

The teachers at my new school lined up to welcome students to a new beginning.

It’s off!  The school year is off in giant whoosh of new beginnings and the whirl-wind that represents in our home is phenomenal this year.

Our atypical new beginnings involve a new school for my husband to principal (that MUST be a verb, because there is sure a lot of work involved).  A new beginning for my son meant a whole new school five states away from his last school.  He started last Monday not knowing one.single.person at the entire high school and his bravery astonished me.

It means a new school for me.  And not just a new school but I’m teaching 7th grade, the last piece in my teaching arsenal.  I’ve now taught everything from pre-k through college and adult education.  It means a long drive toward the sunrise each morning and a longer drive (I swear it’s true) toward the sunset in the evening and it’s the first time my husband and I aren’t working at the same school in nineteen years.  It means I have a whole fresh classroom.  A classroom without prejudice.

I don’t know these kids and they don’t know me.  We can make of the year whatever we want!  This year my middle daughter is off to college and of course she’s chosen a different university than my other daughter.  She is preparing for the first time away from home;  three states away from her support system.  She’s declared a major of engineering and has committed to figuring out if she’s chosen wisely.  My oldest is returning to her college in Nebraska and while that’s not new, she’s returning with a new heart.  You can’t serve a year in an orphanage and not return a different person.  She’ll be six states away from me, but don’t worry, I’ll keep her close.

We are renting a teeny tiny (for us) apartment and the majority of our stuff is in storage.  A very full storage that makes finding anything next to impossible.  Our home barely has room enough for us but sadly, by the end of this week that won’t be an issue as my children spread their wings and fly.

New beginnings.  Every school year starts off with new beginnings and this year has more than its fair share.  That’s overwhelming.  That’s awful.  That’s exciting.  That’s wonderful.

Here’s another wonderful thing.  Every single day is a day of new beginings.  I thought this as I drove into the sunrise last Friday – t’s refreshing and new and invigorating.  Every day we get a new start with God.  No prejudice because when He forgives, He also forgets, and He drops our sins into the bottom of the sea.  A new start because His love is too amazing to hand us anything different.  A new chance because He paid for it.  A new me, because that’s just how powerful He is.

Whether you’re starting a new school year, or trekking off on a new adventure, or doing the same old thing you did yesterday, and the day before that, I invite you to take a moment today, and pray for a new beginning.  A new beginning with a God who loves you in a powerful and all-encompassing way.   It’ll be overwhelming, awful, exciting and wonderful – a new beginning just for you.

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