Happy to Announce a Miracle


From Circling the Drain to New Life

Fourteen years ago Pedro circled the drain (hospital parlance for ‘didn’t look like he would make it’). I wondered if I would ever dare to experience happiness again. Today I just sent him a text picture of our first grandchild. Happy doesn’t begin to describe this moment.

But God works wonders and miracles in our lives. Every day. Some days, we don’t realize or acknowledge the simple miracles of life—like Calliope Hummingbirds (a whopping 2.75 inches long) migrating from Alberta to Central America with flowers that they need for sustenance blooming at just the right time along their route.

So, big miracles or small miracles, today I live in wonder with a thankful heart. Our grandson arrived via C-section and mom and baby and dad are all doing fine. On Thursday, I had resigned myself to being present from afar via texting and phone calls.

But God had other ideas. My boss, the school board chairman, thought I should go to Tulsa to be with our daughter. I started hunting for tickets. They fell outside our price range and I resigned myself to a long drive. But Pedro’s brother graciously offered standby tickets (he’s a pilot).

When I arrived at the airport, six people had priority in the standby line on a full plane. But I made the flight and arrived in Tulsa four hours before the scheduled trip to the hospital for our daughter’s induction.

After 24 hours in the hospital, the doctor determined that the baby’s head and shoulders would not fit, so they scheduled a C-section. At 10:00 this morning, Abel Forest Melchor arrived. In a few minutes I’ll get to go back to the post-partum room and cuddle with our daughter and snuggle with our grandson.

God is good. All the time. Each day holds miracles and wonders and God desires happiness for his children. Sure, things will happen that we don’t understand. We will experience pain and trauma. But the miracles and wonders will outweigh the heaviest burdens—especially if we dare to embrace the happy God wants us to experience.



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What about you? Do you feel God daring you to embrace some happy?


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