Create Your Future

FMF – Create

Today’s word is Create:  This is another chance to write with the crowd at Five-Minute-Fridays over at Kate Motaung’s blog.  We write for five minutes and post.  We give each other feedback and just encourage that writing process!  Join…it’s fun!

Take a chance, accept a challenge and create your own future.

Take a chance, accept a challenge and create your own future.

For me it’s a summer of packing, sorting, cleaning and giving away.

Wrapping, throwing and saying goodbye.

It’s a summer of leaving what we know, selling what we had and signing

off on a life in the Midwest.

Committing, driving and saying thank you and so long to all we’ve created.


For me, it’s a summer of unpacking, finding what fits and adjusting to change.

Seeking, searching and saying hello.

It’s a new chance for building friendships, fresh possibilities and a life back on the west coast.

Committing, experiencing and deciding to create our future.


For me, none of this is easy: uprooting, replanting and hoping it grows

Changing, accepting, and saying I can.

It’s a new challenge in a new place with a new job.

Committing, accepting and choosing to rejoice in the creation of our future.


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