FMF: Untie or Unite? What’s it going to be?

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Today’s word is:  Unite.

Two little letters make a huge difference in our lives.

Two little letters make a huge difference in our lives.

Change the place of just two, yes, only TWO letters and you have a whole new meaning.  Opposing meanings.  A whole new word.  A whole different focus.

Shoes untied:  tripping and falling

Bow untied:  embarrassment or maybe wardrobe malfunction

Boat cleat rope untied:  ships drifting out of the safe harbor

Marriage bond untied:  two people drifting apart, much like the boat mentioned above

Untied from God:  lost and wandering souls, pain and loneliness

But unite?

Uniting wires:  let there be light

Reuniting with old friends:  laughing and reminiscing for hours

United in holy matrimony:  the joy of that old-fashioned phrase pronouncing a life-time best friend and partner

A united church: a family striving to hold each other up in support and love

Uniting with God: choosing each day to walk in trust with Him no matter how things look to us.



Two letters changing places can make a whole lot of difference in our lives.

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