March Lessons Learned and Relearned

lessonslearnedLessons Learned and Relearned in March

1. I learned in March that our first grandchild will be a grandson! Pedro has already talked about tiny motorcycles and gear, not to mention mountain bikes for tykes. The ultrasounds always make me ponder that the Creator of the universe knows ME and every step I take. He cares about every aspect of my life.

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2. I learned how to hitch up a 24-foot travel trailer (including things like sway bars), pull it to my destination, back it up and make sure it’s level before unhitching it and enjoying my ‘home away from home.’ Did I mention that learning how to back up is a big deal?

3. God repays us for the years the locusts have eaten. It might not happen all at once—in fact, it might not happen until heaven—but he gives us glimpses of restoration while we live on earth. Sarah chose to spend her spring vacation with us, and we had so much fun talking, running, and hanging out together. She baked up a storm and helped around the house and I felt like I’d had a vacation by the time she left at the end of the week.lessons learned

4. I re-learned the lesson that when I set a goal for my exercise, I have focus to my workouts and fewer excuses for skipping them. Sarah and I will run in Spokane, Washington’s Bloomsday Run (12K) on May 1st. Exercising in January and February has always challenged me due to the cold and the short days. Usually, I let the challenge (um, excuses) bleed over into March. I even managed to keep running the week we spent camping with Laura and her husband (the grandson-to-be’s parents).

5. Podcasts make great companions for my training sessions. I only subscribe to two podcasts, Michael Hyatt’s “This is Your Life” and Kirsten Oliphant’s “Create if Writing” both keep me informed, inspired and energized while I run.

6. I read seven books this month. Holley Gerth’s You’re Already Amazing LifeGuide and Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy impacted my life the most. I struggle with self-awareness, and Holley’s book really helped me clarify some things about myself and the purpose God has for my life. I also struggle with drift, and Living Forward provided a framework for evaluating my life in the context of my relationships with God, family and others. My favorite new-to-me author this month is Mary Jane Hathaway. Her book Pepper in the Gumbo sparkled with good dialogue and a great plot. I also got to read the galley copy of Karen Whitemeyer’s newest book No Other Will Do. I think this book tops all of her previous books (quite a feat, because they are all good). It explores overcoming what we believe about ourselves in a gentle way through a fast-moving plot and witty dialogue.

What about you? What cool things did you learn in March? If you’re a blogger and want to join the fun, you can drop over to Emily P. Freeman’s and link up your post.