Accepting the Rescue

reach for the rescueCould anyone rescue my daughter?

A year and a month ago, I didn’t know if I would ever see my daughter alive again. I had visions of her beaten, bruised body lying unclaimed in a foreign morgue whilst I searched the world over trying to save her. Her life seemed doomed to a destiny of heartache, suffering and pain that would eventually lead to an early death.

It could have happened. She had a one-way ticket to London and no money. She had burned just about every relationship bridge with family and friends. Her life spiraled out of control—only she didn’t seem to realize it.

I called on my prayer warrior friends—church ladies who had watched her grow up and loved her—and they responded with mighty prayers. Prayers for protection. Prayers for peace. Prayers for safety. For three long days of uncertainty their prayers kept me together.

And as Good Friday approaches, it seems fitting that I remember another parent with a beloved child. This Father knew his Son’s destiny included death. Only now, after my daughter’s experience, do I began to appreciate what God the Father must have experienced as he sent his only Son to a far away land where the inhabitants left his body beaten, bruised and lying in a tomb.

I know I wanted to mortgage the house and sell all my possessions so I could seek Sarah and bring her home to us. But I didn’t. My impulse would have driven her further away at that point in her life. I had to stand by and let someone else rescue her.

How tempting it must have been for God the Father to throw all the resources of heaven behind an earth invasion in order to save his beloved Son. But he didn’t. To save Jesus from the experience of the cross would have ruined the greater plan.

Saving Jesus from the cross would have ruined the rescue plan. #goodfriday Click To Tweet

The plan to sacrifice one for the sins of many. He had to stand by and let his Son rescue mankind.

And because Jesus suffered in every single way we as humans suffer, we have a Savior we can identify with, confess to and find rebirth within his love. He. is. alive. The plan is in place. To stay alive, we have to reach out to the Rescuer. Click To Tweet