Focus on Him to Regain Your Life!

Take a moment, a deep breath of a moment, and focus on God!

Take a moment, a deep breath of a moment, and focus on God!

FMF:  Focus

How ironic that today’s Five-Minute-Friday prompt is FOCUS.

Because it’s after 3:00 on Friday and usually I write these prompts on Thursday night.  Because today has been a day of intense effort to get things done and failing.  Because I just got a text, sent by my principal, reminding me that today is an A day and therefore I should have been teaching my class (seriously?  I was so happy this morning KNOWING it was a B day and my class didn’t meet – like dancing with joy happy).  Because I actually began to call my dog this morning to go with me outside, and she’s been gone almost a year.  Because the last two weeks have been so busy I almost have not had time to sleep.  Because life has been a little more than I feel like handling.  Because today has been a day of doing and running and frantically sorting and washing and cleaning and planning.   Because this morning when I tried to read the Bible I could not even begin to concentrate and all day when the music that usually centers me on Jesus annoyed me and I worked better in silence.  Because today has been so out of focus, I had forgotten to write on today’s prompt.

I sat at my computer, just a few moments ago (after seeing the text about missing my class), to look up the prompt and saw a recording that signaled the beginning of the Sabbath day for my family and our community when I was small.  The voice of a man reminding us to stop our normal work and focus on our Creator, our Savior and our God.

Then I saw the prompt.  FOCUS.

Breathe.  Stop.  Rest.  Focus on the One who makes all things possible.  Focus on the One who loves me whether or not my house is clean.  Focus on the One who forgives me for not showing up for work or for being impatient with my kids.  Focus on the One who gave His life, so that I can spend mine with Him.


It wasn’t a writing prompt – it was a prayer.

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