Don’t Dwell, Become the Dwell

Psalm 4:8


3. to linger over, emphasize or ponder in thought, speech, or writing (often followed by on or upon).

4. (of a moving tool or machine part) to be motionless for a certain interval during operation.

2. a period in a cycle in the operation of a machine or engine during which a given part remains motionless.

In the hurry and bustle of life, my mind usually fills with thoughts and images that take up space. I dwell on them. I can’t change them; they happened in the past, but I ruminate on them as surely as a cow chews its cud whilst standing in the field.

Why didn’t I starting hunting the Internet sooner when Sarah’s depression didn’t go away once she started medication? Why didn’t I investigate her odd behavior in more depth during the middle of her Argentina year? Why didn’t I write down the name of the medication that she went on or ask her to bring home a report from the doctors that she saw down there?

The whys pour in and flood me with remorse. I knew about diseases that afflicted young adults away at college—things like spinal meningitis (she received her vaccine) and mono and battling self-image and eating disorders. Why didn’t I know about mental health?

I must forgive myself for what I did not know. I must remain motionless and gaze in wonder at the stars and become the dwell. As a child of God, he asks me to be still, to know that he is God (Psalm 46:10). I must deliberately calm myself and clean out the thoughts and know that my job consists of exalting Him.

My work does not consist of parading my mistakes over and over through my tired brain. It consists of exalting God and pointing out how each step of the way, he promises to do something good. He has worked in the situation and he will continue to work in the situation to bring about his greater purpose.

When I become the dwell in the great machinery of life, I can dwell on His love and power and mercy and grace and truely dwell in the safety of his plan.

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