Train Up a Child (it strengthens the fight)

Caregiving is easier with God!

Caregiving is easier with God!

Battling your child’s cancer is not for the weak-at-heart.  The weird thing is that as a parent, you find yourself stronger-at-heart than you ever believed possible.  Probably because there’s really no other option.  What’s a parent going to do?  NOT be there for their child?

That’s not an option.  So you soldier on.

But the true strength, and the unexpected blessing, actually comes when you soldier on with Christ as your leader -When you keep trusting in God and when you take the time to pray with your little cancer fighter.

Today I’m sharing another mother’s journey.  Gianmarco is a nine-year-old fighting leukemia and as I write this, I just saw a post that says he’s two months into his fight. But even more important than how long it’s been, is that this boy is grounded in God.  Here are the words from his mother:

A conversation with Gianmarco during worship:

GM: Mammina…how big is your faith. Is it like mine?
Me: Well baby, remember that whatever we have, comes from God. So we need to thank God for our faith as well.
GM: You’re right Mammina. We are strong like lions Mammina, nothing can defeat us.
Me: Yes, love.
GM: Mammina…this will all be over soon, and we’ll all be together under one roof again.
Me: (almost at the point of crying). Yes, love. We will be.
GM: Remember Mammina…Nothing can separate us from the love of God
Me: (Crying). Yes baby, nothing can separate us from the love of God. Who told you that verse?
GM: You Mammina…you’ve told us that verse before.

We hugged. It was one of most touching moments I’ve had with him (including when he was born).

As parents we’re not always sure if our kids are listening. When they are going through difficult times is when we see what we’ve taught them really come through. I thank God for this moment. Hug your kids a little tighter today.

Join Gianmarco's fight with leukemia.

Join Gianmarco’s fight with leukemia.

I believe that when you choose to walk with God, life does not necessarily become easier, but God does send us these precious moments to remind us who is in charge, to remind us that we must have the faith of a child and especially to remind us that God has already won the war!

If you would like to follow Gianmarco’s story, let them know you prayed for them today or be a part of his (and his family’s) support group, CLICK HERE.

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