31 Days of Unexpected Blessings from Caregiving


Unexpected Blessings From Caregiving? Absolutely!

A caregiver’s life is crazy!  Schedules, blood counts, dementia, appointments, medications, life-threatening emergencies, dietary needs, physical therapy – caregiving can simultaneously drain you and drive you bonkers.  But most caregivers wouldn’t have it any other way because you are helping, serving and loving someone important.  Plus there’s another benefit:  in the midst of the chaos there are moments of incredible beauty and blessing.  The stories in this series are random unanticipated moments in caregiving that I have experienced, either personally or through the eyes of someone who has shared their story with me.

This post will serve as the landing page for the series, with a link added each day.  I hope you will be encouraged in your journey or will be led to understand someone else’s journey in a new way.  We all have struggles and thanks to our Creator and Caregiver, we are all blessed!