A Prayer for Here

God has you where he needs you http://wp.me/p2UZoK-QN #fmfparty

God has me here for a reason. When the pressure builds and the bottom of my to-do list grows faster than the things I check off from the top of the list, he sends me grace notes to remind me that I am exactly where he needs me.

Magical grace moments when I stand on my back porch in the pre-dawn holding pet food (aka a hummingbird feeder) and tiny wings beat out a drumroll for the splash of orange and pink on the horizon. Soft chirps and scolds accompany the whirring of wings as six or seven hummingbirds jockey for position on my fingers and dip forward to lap up sugar water with almost invisible tongues.

Female Rufous HummingbirdI breathe in the peace and the wonder of the moment, knowing that by offering food to these tiny travelers, I give back to my Creator an infinitesimal fraction of all he has given me. I act as their caretaker as they travel through untold dangers as they migrate thousands of miles—unnoticed and unappreciated by many, but playing a part in the rhythm of life as they pollinate flowers and eat insects in their search for survival.

Likewise, the precious students who will burst upon this campus in just a few days have migrated through untold horrors in their sort lives. May I provide a place of rest and recognition for their value and worth as I share the nectar of God’s love with each student who alights here—just where God wants them.

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