I Don’t Have Favorites, and Neither Does God

God doesn't play favorites

I’ve always hated the word ‘favorite.’ I don’t DO favorites, I never have.

Who’s your best friend? I don’t really have one, I have lots of friends and they are each unique.

What’s your favorite color? Oh, definitely blue. Well, I really like purple too, and sometimes green is just amazing and there’s nothing better than those oranges and pinks that sunrises and sunsets splash across the sky and if I wear white it shows off my tan and black looks very formal and dressy and all those colors in between, well, how could we live without them.

What are you going to major in? Oooo. I really don’t know. Speech pathology would be good because I like working one-on-one with kids and something in the music area would be great because music feeds my souls and something in the arts or language arts because words affect me deeply and maybe education because everyone says I’d be good at, or maybe something physical because I love sports and I love the outdoors, or maybe something in travel because I love to travel…

What’s your favorite food? Well, chocolate. Duh. Chocolate. But sometimes it doesn’t make me feel so good and I love raspberries. Oh wait, strawberries and blueberries. An apple is really tasty sometimes. Pizza is good. I love perfectly done French fries. How about fruit smoothies—oh, those are perfect…

Where’s your favorite vacation spot? Oh! The ocean. I love the ocean—the sounds of the waves and the feel of the tangy salt air and the wind in my face and the miles of empty beach. Love that. Oh but the mountains –there’s nothing like hiking along a mountain stream and smelling that piney forest and hearing the bird songs all around you. Private island—an sland with a waterfall would be great where I could swim in the ocean of swim under the waterfall and relax in the sun and read in a hammock. It’s really nice to just stay home sometimes—read a book, watch movies with the kids, write stories and just hang out.

Which of your children do you relate to the most? Well, the oldest, of course, because she has my ability to read people and is pretty set on her own goals and that’s just amazing. She loves sports and music… The second child, obviously, because she’s so easy to get along with and watches out for others and has such a funny sense of humor, she loves sports and music. The third, certainly, because he is just so tough—he’s gone through so much and it’s made him a strong person, and he loves music and sports…

Favorite Bible verse? Don’t have one. I like this one when I’m scared, this other one when I’m happy and that one when I need direction. Another for when I feel alone and another to just understand that God has got me.

I don’t DO favorites.

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But I do. My best friend. My God and Savior that holds me in His arms and comforts me when I’m in need. The God who goes before me and never leaves me and loves me unconditionally and fights battles I don’t even know need fighting.

I have a favorite. My God who I cling to when everything else fades away and when the storms rage and my life is crazy.

Why is He my favorite when I can’t ever decide on other favorites? Because He doesn’t have favorites either! He loves you just as much as He loves me.

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He’ll hold you and comfort you and go before you and never leave you and love you unconditionally.

And He’ll do the same for you, and you and even… yes, YOU!

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