Give the Best Gift to Everyone You Meet

giftThe office (ok, it’s my office, but it sounds so much better to not claim it at this point) looks like a tornado whipped through it. The piles of books call from the middle of the room, distracting me as I write.

The bookcase leans haphazardly (it’s a backless number and doesn’t stand on its own) right in the pathway between my chair and the doorway. When someone knocks at the front door, I launch from my chair and quickly shut the mess away before answering.

Despite reading The Nester’s book last fall, I have only just mustered the courage to do something about the house. This morning, I spent two hours carefully hanging photographs in the living room. After I mowed the lawn, I decided to tackle the office.

Bad idea. I get distracted easily when I’m tired—and I’ve had a lot of late nights and early mornings this week. Whilst sorting through stuff, I discovered a Thank You card that a coworker had written to us after coming over to our house for an impromptu meal after church one week.

Her beautiful words blessed me all over again—not because she thanked us for dinner, but because she took the time to thank us for the work we do at the school. I love talking to this sweet lady, because she always has an appreciative word of encouragement and hug for me.

And then it hit me. How often to I great people with an encouraging word of affirmation and a hug? It seems like more often than not my words come out messy and disorganized—just like my office.

Words cost nothing, but carefully selected words can speak life into another person. I want to give each person that I interact with the gift of kind, helpful words. As I bring order to the office, I’ll remember that well-placed words—like well-placed cushions or photos—bring life and joy into a room without screaming for attention.

The greatest gift we can give others is the knowledge that we value them and appreciate them. Click To Tweet

How about you? Do you struggle sometimes to make your words a gift?