Rise to the Occasion and Do What Terrifies You

John 12:26Rise and follow seem to go together like macaroni and cheese. But sometimes, I feel like it would be easier to just sit on the ground—paralyzed and holding out my alms cup waiting for grace to trickle in.

But when Jesus heals us—whether it’s from addictions, sorrow, grief, illness, depression, mental illness, ennui, anger or attitude—he also asks us to follow.

And following often seems harder than rising. If I follow Jesus, I can no longer sit.

If I follow Jesus I can no longer sit. Click To TweetI must learn to do—because that’s what Jesus did. He took on injustice and called it by name. He called children to him and blessed them. He hung out with sinners and tax collectors and people who didn’t grow up in his socio-economic bracket.

He acted. And that’s where I struggle. I’d rather read about injustice in my Facebook newsfeed than do something about it (although I am learning to speak out). I’d rather donate a little money here and there to solve a big problem, than to sit down next to someone in their messy problem and show them empathy.

I can’t use the fact that I’m an introvert as an excuse. So tomorrow, I’m stepping way outside my comfort zone and we’re taking two teenage boys camping and mountain biking with us to Moab. They’re boys that have gone on many of our rides this school year, and they need a little TLC.

We raised two girls. All I know about boys is that they eat a lot. I hope I have enough food to feed them. I worry about what we’ll talk about during the long drive there.

The situation terrifies me. But I know that I worry too much and that with God leading, I can rise to the occasion and he’ll show me what to do and give me words to speak.

How about you? Have you ever followed Jesus with fear and trembling into an unknown experience?